100% Responsibility

Posted by Kelly Flack on Saturday, August 17, 2013 Under: Inspirational

Take responsibility for the outcomes in your life. If you are lonely, be responsible for that. If you are happy, be responsible for that too. If you are sad, poor, rich, starving, overweight, judgmental, jealous, compassionate, caring, self obsessed, and anything else you can possibly imagine ..... BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF IT :)

The guy next door, the kid up the road, the lady at work, the man at the shop .... whoever it may be .... they are NOT responsible for your life so don't go pointing fingers and placing blame.

YOU and only you, are responsible for YOU! No one else. You have YOUR thoughts, YOUR actions, YOUR ideas, YOUR feelings, YOUR emotions and everyone one of these feeling things that YOU are responsible for, creates YOUR life so make it a good one!

Much Love
~ Kelly

In : Inspirational 

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