3 a.m.

Posted by Kelly Flack on Saturday, May 29, 2010 Under: Inspirational

There's something about 3 O'clock in the morning. Have you felt it?

I stand out on the verandah with a nice hot chocolate and it feels like the whole world is asleep - except lil' ole me ;)

The only sounds are the gentle breeze whispering through the trees and the breathing of my dogs as their bodies lay still and peaceful while their soul's are off on some magnificent dream time plane.

I sigh. Relief perhaps. The silence consumes me as I sit back on the chair and gaze to the star studded skies.

People are making dreams at the moment and here I am, awake, yet still dreaming.

There is nothing quite like silence. Gentle thoughts come slowly, one at a time, so I can 'look' at each thought and nod my head with a quiet smile as my thought feels good to me. I am in sync with Me. 3a.m. is soul syncing time ;)

All is well, all is good, all is as it should be. If you ever have the opportunity to see "3 a.m", enjoy it, relax with it and take this chance to merge with Who-You-Really-Are.

Peace to you dear reader. Sweet dreams.

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