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Posted by Kelly Flack on Sunday, January 17, 2010 Under: Techniques and Exercises

How would you like to spend $1,000 today?

More importantly, how would you FEEL about spending $1,000 today?

Think about that for a minute.





OK. What if you spent $1,000 today and then you could spend$2,000 tomorrow and then $3,000 the next day and what if it just kept going on and on and on?

Now how would you FEEL?

Pretty darn good right?

The Universe doesn't know if you are playing a game or not. The Universe only answers the vibrations that you are offering. Always has, always will.

So, if you currently offer a vibration of lack when it comes to money, then this is a great game to play.
It might feel a little awkward in the beginning but if you stick with it, your vibration about money will surely rise and the Universe will certainly answer :)
I look forward to reading your comments below about all the wonderful things you have put your vibrational dollars towards.
So, how do you play this game?

Write up in an exercise book, some columns. Much like what you would do for when taxation time comes around if you own a business. Columns for the date, cashflow in, cashflow out and the balance. That sort of thing. If you have an old cheque book that no longer is in use, you could use that. What ever you feel comfortable with. Make it feel as real for you as possible.

On day one, deposit $1,000 in your cashflow in column. Feel the joy of having a whole one thousand dollars for yourself on this day and you can spend it on anything you like.

If you see something that you like in a magazine, shop window, online or just while you're out and about, buy it with your vibrational money!

How would you feel with this thing in your house or wardrobe? Is it very pleasing to you and would you enjoy looking at it or reading it or using it? If it gives you a good feeling then buy it vibrationally (in your mind) with your vibrational money.

When you get home, get your exercise book and write down the thing that you have "bought".  Write it in the cashflow out column with a description of it as well and of course the remaining balance. Feel good as you do this because tomorrow, you will have two thousand dollars to spend plus whatever you didn't get to spend today. Yippee!

On day 3 deposit $3,000 into the cashflow in column and on day 4, deposit $4,000 etc etc

Continue this game for as many days as you like. Imagine doing it every day for a whole year. You'd get to spend $365,000 all in one day on the 365th day. Wow! Thats great!

This will expand your visions and desires and realign your vibration of abundant prosperity to that of Source. It is truly an uplifting and highly exciting experience. You will feel no resistance, only allowing. And whatever you are 'feeling' about, you must bring about into your experience. It is Law.

Feel free to let us know if you choose to play. We can expand our energy together and share with each other what we have "bought" and how great we are feeling.Energy flows where attention goes. Financial freedom is a wonderful experience.

Would you like to play?

(Please scroll down to see comments and progress regarding this game that people are playing. The newest comment will always be on the top)

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