Are you keeping up with YOU?

Posted by Kelly Flack on Saturday, April 24, 2010 Under: Techniques and Exercises

Here we are; living, breathing, touching, tasting, and feeling our way through this human experience. We're pretty amazing aren't we?

And just to think that not so long ago, we were hanging out 100% in the Non-Physical dimension.

We knew that by sending a piece of Ourselves forth into this physical environment, We would add to our own expansion and to that of the Universe and we would always have continuous contact with Us (in the Non-Physical)

So now we can say that we are here and We are There. I find it fascinating to be able to do something like this.

Did you know that in this physical experience, whatever we focus on or think about, the Non-Physical Us has already received it? Wow!

All those times that we have thought about the awesome holiday, sensational partner, the dream car, the dream home, the $500k paycheck, well guess what? We have already got it!

Since thats the case, this raises a question. How do I keep up with Me?

Simple: Allow it! Yeah OK. It sounds simple but if you can merge the thoughts of you with the feelings of You, then that's when the allowing will happen. Here you are and There You are. Merge!

Like I said, we've come into this human experience knowing that we will always have continuous contact with Us (our Non-Physical). This continuous stream of contact comes via our feelings or emotions.

Think of a holiday for example. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do while you're there? Really get into this. Maybe you'll go somewhere you've always dreamed of going. You might want to keep busy and have one exciting adventure after the other or maybe you'll be pampered and take this time to relax or spend quality moments with your partner or children. You're on the holiday of your dreams. Everyone is smiling and free. Can you see it? More importantly can you feel it?

Know that this wonderful feeling thought that you have just created is being lived, right now, by the Non-Physical You. Now you may be sitting here with this awesome thought but You are There already experiencing it. Merge! Keep those happy positive thoughts flowing and you will catch up with You. It's inevitable.

Here's where most of us get hung up. After our wonderfuul dreamlike happy feeling thought, we let other thoughts sneak in. Bad feeling thoughts like - "thats not gonna happen. I can't afford it anyway. I couldn't get time off work so I may as well snap out of it"

I say 'Stop It'! Stop sabotaging yourself. You deserve these wonderful thoughts and they are vital in order for you to catch up with You.

Self sabotaging thoughts feel bad and when you are feeling bad it's You saying "Stop It"! Being able to listen to your feelings is being able to listen to You. The Non-Physical You. Your Higher Self.

When you're having thoughts that make you feel good that's You saying "that's the way. Keep it up and come join Me on this spectacular holiday that you have created for Us" - Merge!

Think happy. Be happy and get more back to be happy about.

Want to know how to get rid of those sneaky negative thoughts? See the free video under the "Free Videos" tab on this Facebook page.

Funnily enough, I've named it "How to get rid of those negative thoughts"

For now, don't be afraid to dream BIG! Focus on what is preferred, understand the law of attraction and get happy :)

xxx Kelly

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