Believe ONLY What Feels Good To You!

Posted by Kelly Flack on Thursday, March 31, 2011 Under: Inspirational

A woman gave me 10 pages of biblical scriptures yesterday as I was shopping. She said "Kelly, this is what is happening now". Interested, I brought the scriptures home. I started reading the pages this morning. I only got through the first paragraph and noticed that I was not getting a good feeling from reading this. Needless to say, I put the papers away, never to be read again.

It's imporatnt for people to realise that if you are doing something that brings you a bad feeling, then stop doing it! The bad feeling is your inner being letting you know that you are doing something that will not benefit you so stop it!

If you are doing something that brings you a good feeling then this is your inner being, once again, expressing joy, and letting you know that you are on the right track so keep it up!

It's not rocket science people! You don't have to believe every single thing that is thrown your way. Let your inner guidance system beam on through and go with that. We were born with this system. Our own persoanl GPS if you like. This is what allows us to navigate through life in either a positive way or a negative way. As always, the choice is ours. This is free will and what a wonderful Will this is to have. 

If you want to go through life focusing on the things that make you feel bad, then go for it. Keep on feeling bad and just remember, when you feel bad, you attract more things to you to feel bad about. You must! It is the universal law of attraction. Same goes for those of us that want to focus on only things that make us feel good. There will be more things coming our way to keep us in the vibration of feeling good. Like I said, it's certainly NOT rocket science!

Listen to your emotions, your inner being, and go with that. 

Some years ago, I made a video about all of this. I hope you watch it and grasp the bigger picture here. YOU are in control of YOUR life! The video is called "Abraham-Hicks ~ What Is Preferred"

I also just want to mention the numerous videos, emails, articles etc that may have come your way to try and scare the living daylights out of you. IGNORE THEM but don't ignore your personal GPS. Navigate toward the good, not the bad!

I have seen so many things and there is ONE that I now claim to be my "truth" for the time being. It is a video by Delores Cannon and the vision that she shares is one if beauty, harmony and love. This is what I choose to focus on. This is my new belief. This is where I will be going. Through all that is happening with our planet, I hold on to this vision and radiate in the excitement of it all. Watch it here and open your mind to what really CAN be!

I love you all. You are all my brothers and sisters. Travel safe on your journey. Cherish the good in everyone and everything.

Your Friend
~ Kelly

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