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Is The Pole Shift Affecting Humans?

Posted by Kelly Flack on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, In : Mother Nature 

From birds dropping out of the sky and fish dying, to pets and humans feeling lethagic, I must say "What's going on here" ?

According to NASA, the North and South poles have always been shifting at an average speed of 10 klm per annum. Just
recently, this speed has increased to 40 klm per annum. Some say the poles are shifting to prepare us for 2012 and the great Armageddon. I laugh. Sure 2012 is coming and it could be the end for some, but it will certainly be a new beginning for many. I say ...

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Luxuries of Mother Nature

Posted by Kelly Flack on Saturday, April 11, 2009, In : Mother Nature 

At the beginning of every year, I plan all of our big holidays, book them and wait for the time to come. Last year we spent alot of time in luxurious accomodations doing 'human' things. I decided that this year would be different. We would enjoy luxuries of Mother Nature more so than the man-made ones and at least this way, our little old dogs would be able to join in the fun of life.

My husband, Peter and two daughters, Shayla and Cori, along with our two pomeraniums, Sherb and Cashew,  camp...

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