Cutting Energy Cords

Posted by Kelly Flack on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Under: Techniques and Exercises

As we go about our day, we interact with others in many different ways. Whether it be in person, by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, letters, books, TV, Youtube and so on.

We must realise that every interaction, is an exchange of energy and every thought is energy based.

When we realise this, we start to understand the impact that we have had on others and inevitably, the impact that others have had on us.

For example, you might make online updates in one form or another. When people read your update or watch your video or read your article, a "thought" is created by the person that is reading or watching or listening to you.

Depending on that person, they could see you as an inspirational light or, in some cases, a down right idiot! Regardless of how you are seen by another, you are receiving that persons energy whether you like it, or not.

Another example is when YOU are listening to or reading something from others. Be aware of the energy you are sending out. Are you injoy in what you are hearing or reading? In many cases nowdays, we need to use discernment. Just because you see a picture on Facebook with a written "fact" on it, does not necessarily mean it is a fact. Research for yourself if need be to get to your Truth.

Anyway, I went off track a bit there, but the whole idea is to be careful on the energies you are sending out. Judge not, for what you have read or heard is simply another persons "description" or "story". Some people feed off negative energies so love it when they are fed to help them grow and expand. For instance, if you focus on (give attention to) the negatives that are taking place in the world at the moment, you are helping to EXPAND whatever it is you are focusing on.

Here is an exercise that you can say, every night before bed, if you so choose. This will help cut energy cords that have been hooked into you from others throughout your day, and also return your energy, that you have hooked into others, maybe unconsciously, throughout your day.

The Exercise

TO CUT ENERGY CORDS, you may     like to say:

Divine Mother, Father, Creator of All That Is, I choose that any and all energy cords attached to me be pulled, washed, cleansed and returned to where they belong.

I choose that any and all energy cords I have attached to others be pulled, washed, cleansed and returned to me now. Thank you. It is done ♥

This exercise was suggested to me by and I felt like sharing it here. Search within, and decide on your own Truth xox

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