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Posted by Kelly Flack on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 Under: Techniques and Exercises

I have just watched a video by Nithyananda and feel inspired to write about what he has said and also write about Abraham-Hicks and add a little "tip" at the end that you could start doing now if you are this way inclined.

In Nithyananda's video, he explains the facts about what will happen in 2012 and they are so wonderful and brilliant. This man does not do prophcey, he only does fact! So lets get started....

Basically the video explains that the earths gravity pull is weakening and in turn, it is causing our human race to have "less thoughts". By 21 December 2012, each and every one of us will have a choice to make. Either get comfortable with less thoughts, or fall into depression due to not realizing that "less thoughts" is not necessarily a "bad" thing. 

There are so many people running around at the moment with "more thoughts, more action" ~ Kind of like a "Monday morning" type of feeling. To me that represents overwhelment and stress. No thanks.

The communities and organizations that currently have the idea that we have to think, think, think all the time just to keep on top of things, will be at a loss when December 2012 kicks in. The earth is adjusting our DNA to have "less thoughts". In other words, get used to slowing down. Life shouldn't be a mad rush anyway. When is the last time you stopped to smell the flowers? Ahhh

So, straight to the point here, Its each individuals choice to either get comfortable with less thoughts and enjoy the state of simply BEing, or you can choose to freak out and get all depressed and point the finger at others that are depressed and start wars over it .... You see? 

This is our choice.

According to Nithyananda, 21st December can either be our "Enlightenment Day" and we embrace BEing, or it can be "Doomsday" for those who just won't take the time to understand what is happening NOW!

I'm excited. Enlightenment Day is coming Yippeeeee!

It's like what Abraham-Hicks teaches. Abe tells us to "think" only about what we WANT and not about what we DON't want. The thing is, many people get out of control and think, think, think all the time about the one thing that they want. You don't have to do that. By doing that, it's sending your message out to the Universe that says

"Hey, I haven't got my thing yet, where is it? I'll keep thinking about it til I get it!"

LOL - yes, I too learnt the hard way hehehe.

Anyway, heres the tip: Think about the thing you want only once. Feel it with all of your soul and then give thanks that its on its way to you and then let go of the thought. Yep, let it go. Think less. Less thoughts. How simple is that? Be. 

Love to you Dear Reader
~ Kelly


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