How To Manifest Shoes ;)

Posted by Kelly Flack on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Under: Techniques and Exercises

Shoes! Who wants shoes? Do YOU want shoes? Im a magician you see ;) The other day my daughter got a rip in her shoe. She needed new shoes for school. Today the magic trick happened. Poof! There they were. 7 pairs of shoes suddenly appeared - all a size too big but still very cool nonetheless. Wanna know how it happened?

On Monday, my daughter told me that she needed new shoes for school and she showed me the rip in her sneaker. I "thought" to myself that I must go into town this week to buy her some new shoes and she will have them by Friday.

That's it! Thats how it happened. The Universe responded and Wala! New shoes :) Next time I'll know to be more specific about the size.

You do realise that you are also a magician right? OK, lets get some details in here. First of all let me tell you what I Didn't do.

I Did Not:

- worry about how much the shoes would cost
- stress about having to go into town
- freak out that I might get a pair that Shay won't like

(magicians/deliberate creators do not do any of that stuff above because those things only push away what you are wanting)

I Did:

- know that Shay would have new shoes by the end of this week.

In my mind this was a FACT. It was my most dominant thought about the shoes. She would definitly have them this week. I never gave it any more thought. There was no dwelling on it. There was no hoping that shoes would fall from the sky. There wasn't even the thought of deliberately manifesting the shoes. There was no more talking about it either. All that needed to be said had been.


Shay: "Mum, I need more shoes for school"
Me:  I looked at the rip, thought to myself I would get her new shoes this week and said "OK"


In the meantime, my law of attraction was at work for me, organising shoes and Shay to come together - lol ;)

Today is Wednesday and I visited a clients home today to walk her dog. Then suddenly,  Poof ! There they were. (there was no cloud of smoke or anything mysterious;)

She had left 2 bags on the door step with a note saying "Kelly, take these for your girls" - yep! It was the shoes. Now this woman never knew anything about the rip in Shayla's shoe. I hardly even speak with the woman anyway. Its her dog that I hang out with occassionally.

(Twilight Zone theme plays softly in the background)

Good stuff! Anyway, that's how you manifest shoes. I do recommend having a more detailed picture of the wanted shoe, along with shoe size,  in order to get exactly what you want. I would have settled for one pair but maybe Shayla's vibes had another part to play in order for there to be 7 pairs of shoes. Co-creation at it's finest :) Sure, I will still go into town and get her the right size new shoe, but when she gets to the next size up, thats it! Shays got 7 pairs ;)

Just imagine, if you could do this with shoes, what else could you magic up ?

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