How To Use Words To Amplify Your Happiness

Posted by Kelly Flack on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Under: Inspirational
We have learned that happiness is a state of mind and emotion
but did you also know that you can use your body and your
words to amplify your already 'happy day'? Here's how.

Do this right now - put a BIG silly smile on your face. Go on.
No-ones looking. You're sitting at your computer reading this
so you may as well give it a go.

Are you ready? 1 .... 2 .... 3 .... big silly S M I L E ......

Notice how you feel. No one saw you so theres no need to feel
embarrassed. You're not depressed or angry. Somewhere inside
of you there's that happy spark that YOU made from one big
silly smile. You have just used your body to make you feel
good inside. How easy was that!

Use happy words too. We come into contact with people every
day especially when we are out and about. The first thing
people usually say is "How are you today?" or "Howsit going?"
or if you're here in Australia, you might hear something
like "How ya goin mate"?

Either way, many of us have unconsciously pre-programmed our
reply. To answer, we might say something like

OK ...... good ......... could be better ...... yeah ...not
too bad ... I mean if you're 'not too bad' than you must
be 'great' so say it! I'm great!

I will give you an example of something that happened to me
one day.

When I go grocery shopping, the checkout person ALWAYS
asks "How are you?".  I decided that I would be the first to
talk on this particular day but instead of asking her how she
was, I asked

"Got any great plans for the weekend?"
Her reply was - "Yeah OK"

This woman was on unconscious automatic pilot. She was
obviously answering a question that I hadn't even asked. Now
I'm not picking on her, I'm just using this experience as an
example because that incident taught me alot. 

I discovered that many of us float through life like this and
with the LOA forever working, it's no wonder why some people
continue to get the same kind of day over and over again.

If you reply that you are just "OK" out of habit, then pretty
soon after, you're not feeling as great as you could have
been. To reply that you are feeling "great" or "Fantastic"
would actually cause you to change your emotional state.

With this information in mind, you are now able to change your
emotional state by the use of words. I love it when people ask
me how I am. It gives me the opportunity to feel even happier.

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