Just A Thought I Thought I'd Share

Posted by Kelly Flack on Monday, August 26, 2013 Under: Inspirational

Just a thought I thought I'd share. Where do you think we Are? Are we even here or there? Or are we every where? Or is "We" just an Idea?

Am "I" an illusion, and if so, what is the part that is creating this illusion that I "see"? Am I the "thought" that is perceiving a "Me" in a physical body? If so, then "thought" is in every thing that There Is.

The entire universe would then be a Thought. Am I really the Universe experiencing Itself? If so, I Am everything ..... and I Am no one thing at all <3

Have you ever asked yourself ~ "What Am I?"

..... just a thought ;)

Much Love
~ Kelly

In : Inspirational 

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