Laying Foundations for the Mind

Posted by Kelly Flack on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 Under: Techniques and Exercises

Lets lay some foundations for our mind. After all, you don't build a house without laying the foundations first do you?

We are creatures of habit and our habitual thinking has created the life that we are currently living. This has now been proven as a scientific fact. Yes, the consciousness revolution has certainly begun!

Today we are going to start a new habit. We will start to excercise our mind on how to practice having a happy day, every day. Humans thrive on habit and routine. For example, how do you start your day? Do you start with a brisk walk
around the block or maybe you start with a cup of coffee? Either way, these are habits.

It's often difficult to break old habits so instead, we're going to create a new habit. A GOOD HABIT. One that will become so powerful that no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to stop doing it.

Our new habit is to become aware of what we are thinking and get rid of those sneaky negative thoughts.

Let's do our first experiment together....


1. Think back to a time when you were FEELING really good. TAKE YOUR TIME. Capture a happy memory. A time when, just the mere thought of it, will put a smile on your face or make you feel good.

Have you got it? Did you capture that feeling?

You've just created your first personalized powerful tool. We will refer to this thought as your "back-up happy thought"

2. Get your watch or mobile phone with an alarm on it. Set your alarm to go off in 2 hours. If you don't own some type of
alarm, write on small pieces of paper "how am I feeling?", and stick them all around your home.

3. When your alarm goes off, or when you see your pieces of paper, check in with yourself. It only takes 20 seconds.
Verbally ask yourself - "How am I feeling?"

Depending on what you are thinking, either a happy feeling will come back or a bad feeling will come back. (Be aware of
the feeling that comes ~ "listen" )

If a bad feeling comes back, focus for 20 seconds on your back-up happy thought until you find your good feeling again.
Think happy = Feel happy = Attract more to be happy about.

4. Re-set your alarm to go off in another 2 hours and repeat this process for the next 7 days (mark that on the calendar!) This is certainly one way to GET CONSCIOUS! 

NB: Do not set the alarms during your sleep time for obvious reasons ;) 


This will create your good habit. A habit of checking in with yourself and if need be, taking your attention from 'what is'
and placing it on what is preferred.


Lets get ourselves 'set-up' properly to be able to consistently THINK HAPPY :-)

Until next time, THINK happy, FEEL happy and the LOA will bring you back MORE to be happy about! Be patient too. We all are a 'work in progress' - we are our own masterpiece.

See you again soon ~  have fun experimenting with this technique  :)

May you have all that you desire,
Your friend,
~ Kelly



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