Let Go Of The Hose!

Posted by Kelly Flack on Thursday, November 14, 2013 Under: Inspirational

We are born as LoVe ~ abundant in ALL things <3

....... and then, as part of our human experience, we were "conditioned" into believing things that were not true.

We now know that they were not true because they made us "feel" bad (out of the alignment of that which we Truly Are ~ LoVe <3 )

We learned how to create barriers and distrust and little did we know at the time, that the barriers we created, blocked out The Flow of Who-We-Truly-Are <3 LoVe <3

The walls stopped the Flow of Abundance in all things in its tracks. Much like a water hose that has been folded over on itself and squeezed to pinch off The Flow. Brick walls stopped our Flow.

......... and this is where it gets REALLY exciting :) This is where we Re-member that WE create the barriers all by ourselves. WE are the ones pinching the hose off. WE are the ones that put up a brick wall for this and a brick wall for that ........... and the walls were created by the conditioning that we fell for .........

......... now we just need to FORGET all that we have been conditioned into believing, let it all go .... let go of the hose ..... and as we LET GO, we will easily be able to join back in to The Flow and we will start to Re-member that NO walls were required in the first place.

WE are LoVe ~ abundant in ALL things <3

Hugs to you Dear Reader xxx
~ Kelly

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