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Posted by Kelly Flack on Saturday, April 11, 2009 Under: Mother Nature

At the beginning of every year, I plan all of our big holidays, book them and wait for the time to come. Last year we spent alot of time in luxurious accomodations doing 'human' things. I decided that this year would be different. We would enjoy luxuries of Mother Nature more so than the man-made ones and at least this way, our little old dogs would be able to join in the fun of life.

My husband, Peter and two daughters, Shayla and Cori, along with our two pomeraniums, Sherb and Cashew,  camped out for four nights on beautiful Tamborine Mountain. We went the week before Easter to avoid the mad rush of families taking their holidays during the peak period. We practically had the mountain all to ourselves. Bliss.

I find that it is alot easier to align ourselves with the Universe when we put ourselves in an environment surrounded by Mother Nature. There is no telephone ringing or loud stereo or TV blaring in the background. No watches are worn to keep track of where we have to be at a certain time. There's not even a computer to turn on. 

Not once did I see a bird flying in a mad rush to keep an appointment on the other side of the forest. They were simply 'being'. We sat with Rainbow Lorikeets as they picked crumbs from our hands. They allowed us to stroke their fine tail feathers as we shared a glorious experience together. They celebrated each morning with a beautiful song as if to welcome the dawn once again and another different song as the sun set. I like to think the birds were thanking the day. Thanking the opportunity for life.


Not once did I see a waterfall freeze up because it was scared to come down the rocks and boulders. The water had no fear. It travelled down through jagged rocks high up in the mountains and rested in a pool for a few minutes before it was off again. This time the water cascaded over boulders that it had smoothed out over a long period of time. It rested once again before it's journey continued. Never ending, always spectacular, never questioning where it might end up. Never judging the rocks, flora and fauna that it passed along the way. Simply going with the flow of life. 

The stars shone brightly on those nights in the mountains. Campfires crackled as the smoke drifted into the evening sky to be swept away by the gentle breeze. I heard the sound of laughter as Peter and the girls toasted marshmellows over the warmth of the fire. The smiles on their faces and the sparkles in their eyes filled my heart with an overwhelming joy. I touched the infinate possibilities of abundance.

Peace, serenity and stillness within can be tapped into more easily when we are doing things that we absolutely love to do. I absolutely love being with my family in the great outdoors. I savour quiet moments that still my soul. In this state, surrounded by the luxuries of Mother Nature, I too, am simply 'being'.


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