Negative Enery Dissolves in Light

Posted by Kelly Flack on Friday, July 22, 2011 Under: Inspirational

We've all seen bullies. You know, those people that hang around in groups and pick on others. Well, that is very much like the role of "negative emotion". Human bullies have names, and negative emotion bullies have names too. The names of the bullies in this following poem are "Pain", "Anger", "Sadness", "Hatred" and "No-one Really Cares". There are many emotional names we can feel in our lifetime. For example, jealousy, deceipt, and there are many, many more. It is important to name your emotions so you can "see" this bully within yourself in order to help them move on over from the dark side to the Light side. I hope you understand and enjoy the poem that follows. It has been inspired by the book I am currently reading called "The Power of Now" by Eckhardt Tolle and also by a Spiritual Session that I had only days ago with a woman named Hazel Moore.

I saw "Pain" in bed tonight and all her friends were there.
"Anger", "Sadness", "Hatred" and "No-one Really Cares"
They came to start a party in a mind-space of my head
I was feeding them emotions and I couldn't get to bed.

They took my mind off racing through the darkness of the night
And then "Pain" turned very nasty as she grew from thoughts of "Fright"
Then I sat up in my bed and took a step away from "Pain"
I decided thenm and there that she would have no more to gain.

So I watched her in the corner. Now she had no-where to hide.
As I became so fully conscious and my Light shone bright inside.
"Pain" was stuck, there was no darkness. She grew weak - no longer bold.
She melted by my Inner Light before my eyes; "Pain" soon dissolved

Now I'm Lighter and I'm Brighter and I'm happy feeling free
For I saw "The Present Moment" and my "Now" took care of me.
You see, with negative emotion, take time to see them as they are
Do not judge them, do not "feed" them. Simply "watch" them from afar.

They don't like it when you watch them. They know theres no-where left to hide.
So simply help them leave your body via The Light that shines inside.

Love to you Dear Reader xxx
~ Kelly

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