Never Give In

Posted by Kelly Flack on Thursday, March 3, 2011 Under: Inspirational

"Go look upon a blade of grass
Go find your peace within
Try meditation for your heart
And don't you dare give in

Don't get so angry with your life
Don't try to find some blame
For this will only make life worse
And fill your heart with pain

I'm here and I am watching you
I'll help you with the steps
So far you're doing really well
So don't dare give up yet

I know some days are really hard
Some folk can't help you out
Your thoughts get torn, your mind gets sad
You want to scream and shout

But find that place within your heart
The place I'll ALWAYS be
We've been together from the start
And through all eternity"

Written by Kelly Flack
6th October 2006

~ ♥ Listen to your inner being ♥ ~

In : Inspirational 

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