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Posted by Kelly Flack on Saturday, November 7, 2009 Under: Children
Thoroughly enjoying the journey of life. I find excitement in every day. Currently reading Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction. Have listened to the audio many times but repitition presents new A-ha moments that I am implementing with an open heart and an open mind.

Our eldest daughter, Shayla, see's the benefits it is providing for Pete and I so she is slowly embracing the fact that each day is our own choice. Cori, our youngest, remains in touch with her non-physical self ever since birth.

You see, when Shay came to us, Pete and I were very different people way back then and with 'vibration' - Shay picked up on our vibes. We slowly became aware of Law of Attraction just after Cori was born - hence, she still journeys through each day with a smile, love and excitement. Cori is 7.

Realising our true potential is an almighty uplifting experience. We have come from believing in Law of Attraction to KNOWING that Law of attraction is perfect and true in every way.

Our Shay is discovering herself slowly, experimenting with things that she has labelled as 'little' things. At 10 years old, there is less for her to 'unlearn'. At 36 years old, Pete and I started our unlearning and now at 38, the re-learning, applying positive thought and reaping the rewards, is an awesome journey.

We now realise that is not so much the 'action' towards a thing that helps it come, but the 'being' in happiness, joy, gratitude and love that 'attracts' the desires. I now see that our catalogue of life is infinite and we really can pick and choose.

I choose love, life, happiness and find great thoughts in every moment of every day. I am blessed. Sure, we're still learning and as we learn, we grow. Expand. Forever expanding. Forever enjoying.

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