Seeing Chicken Heaven Through Reiki Eyes

Posted by Kelly Flack on Sunday, April 17, 2016 Under: Animals

I gave one of our chickens, Jewel, some Reiki. She was an old girl and at the time of making the above video and writing the original blog, Jewel was about to make her transition. 

Using Reiki when tuning in to animals, its an amazing thing to be able to do. I remember Phoebe, one of our other chickens (while we're on the subject of chickens). She had a very low self esteem. Just putting my hands on her and being able to tune into her I could feel how down she was with life. She really didn't want to be here, Phoebe, and she passed over a while ago now and now it's Jewels turn. Jewel will make her transition today (February 8th 2015) 

I've had my hands on her this morning and Jewel was a very stubborn chicken, the head honcho, the master of the run. And she's hanging on. I have some photos of Jewel and her little healing as you can see below and I just want to share with you what I saw through Jewel this morning. It's so beautiful.

I had my hands on her and then I closed my eyes and I in my mind I could see that I was down low, like I was being the chicken. And this big gumboot stepped over me and I started chasing this gumboot because I knew that this gumboot was attached to this woman.  She must have been a farmer or something. She had these big overalls on, a big hat and a beautiful big smile. 

And the meadow that Jewel is going to is just endless and the grass is so soft and wavy and it's up to my knees and there's no fences or anything. They can roam as far as the eye can see. 

Anyway, this woman came out and she had this bucket of golden seed and she's sprinkling it and she's smiling and whoever wanted the seed would come running and it's just such a beautiful place.

But Jewel's hanging on. She's in between worlds at the moment. You can feel the strength of her being here, you know, "this is my life, I haven't finished, there's so many things that I want to accomplish" .... and she's a chicken and this is great. We all have a lot of things that we strive to do to achieve a goal, because we can. And Jewel wants so much more. 

The egg laying from her has stopped and her body, well it's time for her body to go but her spirit, oh she wants to do so much more. I'm not sure what she's going to come back as next but for now, yeah, it's time for Jewel to slowly go to the other side. She's in between at the moment so maybe she's checking out the lady with the gumboots first. 

A very big personality Jewel. I felt Phoebe was there too. I didn't see her but knowing that her little mate will be there as well .... we got those two together, Phoebe and Jewel.

So if you have a feathered friend and they're making their way,  there's always something bigger out there. It's just our bodies that go but our spirit goes on forever. 

Rest in peace Dear Jewel xox We'll see you on the flip side beautiful girl xox

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