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Posted by Kelly Flack on Saturday, August 17, 2013 Under: Inspirational

Once again, energy flows where attention goes .... If you focus on the horrible things in the world, you are adding your energy to those things. Your emotions, feelings and thoughts are HELPING THOSE THINGS EXPAND AND GROW. A good example of where we might see things like this is on the Facebook platform. People are unaware and some, continuously bash what they hate instead of promoting what they love <3

Sure, it is good to be Aware of what is taking place in the world and it is also good to remain unattached to the horrible things.

Be an "Observer" instead. This allows you to be AWARE and UNATTACHED.

Contribute your wonderful energy toward things that will be of BENEFIT to this loving humanity, animal freedom, abundance of everything for all walks of life, healthy foods, glorious planetary changes, flourishing environment etc etc etc.

Observe the things of the world and be aware of what you don't want as you remain unattached and then, with every fibre of your being, with every cell in your body, with every emotionally, feeling, passionately heart pulling thought ...... FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT! YeeeeHa :D

Much Love
~ Kelly

In : Inspirational 

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