Society's Law's Say "You Have To Do It This Way....."

Posted by Kelly Flack on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 Under: Children

I sit out the back with a coffe as I write this. It's 5pm and the sun is slowly on its way down in the sky. I watch my children as they play with their Bratz on the lawn - not a worry in the world to fill their minds. They are living in their moment.

I think back to this morning. Shayla didn't bound out of bed to ready herself for school like she usually does. She stayed snug under the covers for as long as she could. "Darling, you have to go to school. It's the law and besides, theres only eight more days and then it's school holidays" I said to her.

Something clicked inside me. Here I am, a mother, making my children do something that they don't want to do. This brings me to Abraham-Hicks.

I absolutely love Abraham and I fill my mind and my life with all that I have learned from them. They basically tell us to only do the things that bring us great joy (and with law of attraction, great joy is everything), and yet this morning, saying those words to my daughter did not bring me great joy.

Is my mindset still stuck on what society tells us we have to do?

After school, the girls came home. As part of Cori's homework, she had to be "timed" to do a list of 18 multiplication tables. I started the timer. Half way through, tears welled up in her eyes. This was not great joy. I felt her pain and almost cried myself. "Sweetheart, if you don't know the answers, just guess them" I told her.

Cori ususally enjoys homework, obviously not times tables though. Once again, was this something that society was telling her that she had to do?

I could have used Abrahams help right then and there. I was so confused but instead of focusing on the frustration of it all, I switched my mind to what I wanted and I'll tell you what I saw.

I saw a place in the future, it's not too far from here.
Classes no longer in buildings, but outside in pure, fresh air.

You see, these classes are held in green meadows, way up high on a mountains top;
Overlooking spectacular scenery, with great views that never stop.

These classes require no lists, of stationery or uniforms to buy.
Just keen willing students on patches of grass in the open where eagles do fly.

And these students won't learn about history, or of politics and enemies and war;
Instead they will look to the future, and manifest opportunities galore.

They would only learn things they are passionate about by journeying through the thoughts of their mind.
They would learn about love and appreciate all and become one with Nature and mankind.

Ahhh, now I feel better!

Whatever you do today, continue focusing on what is preferred and have a wonderful "Now"  :)

Thanks for reading xx Would love to know your thoughts on this.

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