The Captain

Posted by Kelly Flack on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 Under: Inspirational


I am the Captain of my own boat called “Life”. The ride is smooth and wonderful. I do not use oars in my boat. I simply go with the flow of the Great River always and forever downstream.


At times a fellow downstream traveler and I will drift together. We sit in our own boats, side by side, and exchange joyous expectations about the ride. We encourage, inspire and uplift one another which makes The River flow faster toward even more inspiration and upliftment. The ride will never end and I express gratitude toward my fellow downstream travelers. Regardless of if we ride side by side for a few hundred metres or for thousands of miles.


At times I encounter upstream travelers. Ahhh if only I could give them my smile. But they are Captains of their own boats. Their boats are named “Resistance” and they too, can choose to either travel upstream in a boat named “Resistance” or downstream in a boat named “Life”


At times, as I’m happily traveling downstream, some Captains of “Resistance” will climb onboard and try to take control of my vessel. I do not confront them. I simply tell them to hop back into their own boat. I express gratitude for these rare visits as they empower me to strengthen the fact that I am the one and only Captain of my own personal boat.


Many upstream travelers have made the decision to throw away their oars. They now travel in a boat named “Relief”. “Relief” has been seen many times making steady U-turns I the River of Life and those Captains that never acquire another set of oars, inevitably end up with the many of us downstream traveler in their brand new boats named “Life”


At times my boat will get stuck on a rock in the middle of The River. The rock is there for a reason. I peek over the rock and can see beyond it to where The River still flows continuously downstream. I see that going with the rock will benefit me greatly. I make time to understand the opportunity that the rock represents.


I could ignore the rock and simply go around it and continue with my downstream journey. However, often rocks hold great lessons that can only be learned by taking the rock with us instead of going around it. When I face the rock and understand the possibilities that it can hold for me, and if I choose to accept the rock, the rock dissolves to become a part of my experience and I continue downstream but I am not the same.


I am now an expanded version of my former Self and this brings me an even greater joy. I express gratitude toward the rocks on my journey of life. I am the Captain and whether I go around the rock to continue my peaceful journey or dissolve with the rock to create an expanded journey of Self, the choice is all mine.


Some downstream Captains encounter rocks and find that the rock is way too big so they end up doing a U-turn to get away from it and find themselves with oars in hand now traveling in a boat named “Resistance”


I choose to travel beyond the rocks and create the ride of my life because after all,

I am the Captain!



Written by Kelly Flack 2009 copyright

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