The Easy Way to the LOA - Law of Attraction

Posted by Kelly Flack on Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Law of Attraction is a universal law with a predictable outcome. What does this mean?

Well, let’s use the law of gravity as an example:

If you take a coin and throw it up in the air, what’s going to happen?

It’s going to come straight back down, right?

This is a predictable law as is the law of attraction.

However, the law of attraction is motivated by thoughts and the feelings attached to those thoughts. If you have read a lot about how the law of attraction works, you would have come across words such as visualize, manifest, awareness and focus.

In theory this sounds like a piece of cake. Easy as pie. After all, they’re only thoughts.

At times the mind tends to wander and creates thoughts such as “maybe I’m not doing this right” or “what if it doesn’t work” and “how is this really going to happen?”

Those kind of doubtful thoughts immediately get you all blocked up and the since the law of attraction gives you exactly what you are thinking, basically, you’re back to square one.

To some people, trying to master the law of attraction is like running on a conveyor belt. They think they are moving forward (making progress) but really, with those nagging doubtful thoughts, they continue to remain in the exact same place.

Arrrrgh! This can be frustrating and annoying and the ever faithful law of attraction keeps on giving you more of the same.

All that hard working, honest people are trying to do is to use the law of attraction to get all of things they want out of life. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The law of attraction works 24/7 for every single soul in the entire universe – whether we want it to, or not!

It seems like a lot of people find them selves going around in a vicious circle. Up down, round and round but never straight ahead. Right?

The Key   =   Will Power

We need to use our will power in order to keep our thoughts on the right track to achieve a positive outcome.

Sound like too much of a hard job? Wish they sold will power in a jar at the local shopping centre? Either that or manifest your desire’s without using any will power at all.

Hmmmm!  Interesting concept, considering will power cannot be sold in jars ; - )

OK. Just to make this crystal clear, I want to share with you some tool’s that can help you manifest your desires, by using the law of attraction, without using any will power.

You might be wondering how much this is going to cost you. Well, there is a tiny bit of will power required to push a few keys on your keyboard in order to get these tools set up. But that’s it! You can have these tools for $0, in other words, free – except for the tiny bit of will power I just mentioned.

To find out about the lazy way to the law of attraction, use a tiny drop of will power to click this link

Powerful Tools 4 Life

If you can do that, then you have what it takes to be able to use these powerful tools for life.  May all your dreams come true... Literally!

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