The "Treeness" Within Us All

Posted by Kelly Flack on Saturday, June 25, 2011 Under: Inspirational

What I have thought in the past, has created the life I am living today.
The thoughts that I have today, will create my future.
I am what I think about all day long.

I choose to think about Love, happiness, fun, giving and helping others feel good.

My thoughts are little seeds you see.
Each little seed has treeness in it.
You can't see the treeness.
You can't see the tree.
But when the little seed is put into the ground, it already knows what it will become.

Just like me.
I have a greatness in me.
You can't see the greatness.
But by having great thoughts, every day becomes greater.

Same goes for you Dear Reader.
Enjoy your "treeness" within, and have a glorious day

~ Kelly Flack

In : Inspirational 

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