This is the will of the Divine and it is a given. – channelled by Ron Head

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We would love to speak about another topic this day, but events upon your world make it almost mandatory that we address what is uppermost in everyone’s mind.


It has been placed there by the unceasing attention of those who are trying, with every means possible to keep you tuned in to their broadcasts of fear and control.  You have begun to see through the web of illusion they have spun for so long.  The mothers of those sent to an ill fate have long seen this for what it is, but of course it has been possible for long times past to relegate their opinions and concerns to the back of your mass consciousness.  Still today, in many places, the saying, “It’s a man’s world” rings too true.


Your hearts and your minds have been manipulated very effectively for thousands of years.  Even your teachings which speak of love and peace have been twisted into the service of control and profit.  Love has been twisted into hate.  Peace has become something to fight for.


We see, however, that the effects of the movement of your planet into the higher energies of the universe, what you are seeing as your new age, has resulted already in the awakening of masses of people to the truth and the strengthening of their resolve to cease such obviously hurtful behavior, hurtful to yourselves and disastrous to your world.  We know that a point will be reached which will see this behavior end.  We know that you will regain control of your own lives.  This is the will of the Divine and it is a given.


There is still a variable involved, however.  And that variable is this.  When will you make that happen, dear ones?  When will you realize that you are the true owners of your own lives?  Many have done so already.  Examples have been shown.


We see that the degree of comfort is being surpassed by the degree of discomfort.  Are you hoping for that to cease without any action on your part?  Are you waiting for a proverbial ‘them’ to do something?


We suppose we have said enough this day.  Please consider deeply what we have discussed.  And do not mistake anything we have said as criticism, please.  We know who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming.  How then could we not love you without measure?


Good day until we speak again.



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