To Watch Or Not To Watch? That Is The Question!

Posted by Kelly Flack on Saturday, August 24, 2013 Under: Techniques and Exercises

Are you ready to do another little experiment? You know it's going to be big fun :D "Playing" with and experimenting with "Awareness" is ALWAYS big fun with loads of little "A-Ha" moments involved. 

So, let's get started!

You will need to have a mainstream television set for this experiment. For the next 3 evenings, watch mainstream TV. (OMG!!!) Yes, watch TV ..... and as you watch, be "aware" of what you are actually watching. Observe what you are watching.

Be aware of the subliminal messages. Be aware of the psychology used in advertising and on news events. Become absolutely AWARE of the 'programs' that are being shown to you before you decide to 'absorb' the 'programming' that is being presented ;)

Do this for 3 consecutive evenings. Make a note of How-You-Feel when you watch the mainstream TV programs. Do you feel happy, sad, scared or are you feeling drawn to purchase something that, when you really think about it, you don't really need it after all ? It's really quite a fascinating experiment.

Be aware and write down little notes of your feelings and discoveries over the 3 evenings.

After your 3 consecutive evenings of being exposed to mainstream TV, lets take another consecutive 3 evenings to NOT watch any mainstream TV at all! Take a break from the box (here in Australia, TV is often referred to as "the idiot box") lol

Play a game instead, draw, write, stargaze, paint, create, laugh, meditate,read, learn, exercise, anything but mainstream TV for 3 consecutive evenings :)

....... and after that, compare your time. Realize what you have become aware of. Which 3 evenings were the most enjoyable for you? Why? How are you affected by TV? How are you affected by having time without TV?

... and that's that! This little experiment could very well surprise you big time! Have a go and get conscious when it comes to 'programming' ;)  - and InJoy

Much Love
~ Kelly

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