Working Online With The Law of Attraction

Posted by Kelly Flack on Thursday, March 11, 2010 Under: Techniques and Exercises

Today, I would like to share with you 3 simple tips that you could apply to your online business, regarding the law of attraction. I hear some of you saying "What the…?" and that’s fine. That’s why the law of attraction (LOA) is a personal thing.

We’ve all got it. We all use it every second of every day. It’s not going away. We can’t get rid of it. There’s no denying it. We can choose to ignore it but it will still keep on working. May as well learn to use it to our advantage rather than our detriment considering we’re stuck with it forever.

Many people live their lives and run their business by default. I say step off the conveyor belt of society, snap out of it and get conscious. The LOA is great fun to use so learn how to take advantage of this ‘silent business partner’.

First tip: Do NOT sit at your computer and start writing a blog or autoresponder message, if you are in a ‘wrong’ frame of mind. Why? Well, because we are all energy. We put energy into everything we do, and this energy (or vibration), can leave our hands in one second flat when we push that ‘save’ button or ‘submit’ button. Are you submitting positive energy or negative energy?

Let me put this another way. Have you ever heard of the saying ‘bad vibes’ or ‘that was so bad you could have cut the tension with a knife’ Well, whatever we are feeling at the time of typing our message, actually goes INTO the message. When people read your message they also receive the energy attached to it. Bad vibes = Bad business.

Do you submit frustration, annoyance, anger, laziness, hunger for money? Let me tell you, if you’re flat out typing, typing, typing in order to just make a sale because you’re ‘money hungry’, then guess what? The law of attraction will provide you with more reasons to BE money hungry. Bills, repairs, debt, the list goes on. However, this CAN be changed by becoming aware of what you are feeling. I’ll get back to this.

Second tip: DO sit at your computer and write to your heart’s content if you are passionate about something, especially if it will benefit others. What goes around comes around.

Third tip: Become aware of what you are thinking before you hit that ‘submit’ button – before you even start typing.


The direction of your thought is YOUR choice. If you have had an unfavorable business, you have probably been creating it by default.

You must take your attention from ‘what is’ and place it on what is preferred. If you can only see ‘what is’, by LOA you will only create more of what is.

All human beings, without exception, are receiving communication from their inner being by the way of emotion

People look for answers ‘out there’ in the world from friends, family, etc, and the answers are not out there. The answers are within, so, go within or go without. Listen to your inner being.


When you are giving thought to what you do not want, your inner being will provide you with negative feelings which is telling you: You are thinking about things that you do not want. Things that will not benefit you. Like pitch pages that are created by people who are feeling desperate for money.

If you are able to look at an online business as a way that will help OTHER people, then thats a great start. That's a totally different mindset isn't it? A Shift. You'd actually be helping OTHER people and feeling magnificent in the process. The better it gets, the better it gets!

So, may you grow in love and prosperity and have fun using your law of attraction to your benefit :) If you have a great idea that you would love to get online, feel free to let me know because I do a lot of work online and I would love to help you out! :)

Much Love
~ Kelly

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