Your Vibrations Can Rub Off On Others. Only Send Out What You Want To Get Back :)

Posted by Kelly Flack on Monday, August 26, 2013 Under: Inspirational

Be gentle with your thoughts, words, actions, feelings and emotions. One way to remember to be gentle with these is to also remember that what you send out, you will also get back ..... and what you send out, can also rub off on others, making the thing you originally sent out get even bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER <3

Be aware of what you are sending out in every moment. Let us think of and send out happiness, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, caring, helping hands, and in turn, each thing we send out creates tiny ripples that can and WILL rub off on others.

Everyone knows that as ripples expand, a wave is created and as waves expand, tides move. We are so very powerful. During this human experience, we have the absolute ability to create tsunamis of LOVE <3 and it all starts off with one tiny ripple <3 a tiny ripple that could have been created by you <3 Take responsibility for what you get back :)

With Much Love
~ Kelly

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