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Everything is energy: relationships, money, health, everything! Use it on purpose!

Lifestyles aren’t handed out on silver platters. You gotta create it!

Checkout at the Bunya Mountains is 10am and this morning, we were all packed up and out of our Cloudlands chalet by 9. As we drove out slowly, I noticed other people loading bags and food into their cars, doors and car boots open and being filled up for the trip home again.

We drove by slowly as the wallabies lifted their heads from the misty morning grazing. These permanent residents of the Bunya were scattered on the grasses as far as the eye could see; they all stared as we drove past.


I thought to myself what a wallaby might be thinking - perhaps “Yep, there go the humans. They become scarce for 5 days and then they all come back again”

Ha! I have to have a giggle as I am reminded of something I read many years ago. I’ll paraphrase here: “The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

And this has got me thinking as Shayla drives us home …. Why do we still do it?

Okay, lets get real for a moment! Lets throw away all of those excuses like

~ they only give me 4 weeks holiday each year

~ I have to go to work to get money to pay for living

~ This is just the way it’s always been

~ It’s just too hard to change things

~ And the other 1,001 excuses that the mind might come up with …

Well, sure all of those excuses were very valid once upon a time because that’s all we knew. That’s as far as consciousness went. But now, seriously, they’re just a bunch of excuses that were born from an old paradigm.

Yes, the wallabies at the Bunya Mountains makes for a great weekend away but if you want that as a lifestyle, well …. Lifestyles aren’t handed out on silver platters. You gotta go create it!


We live in a time of understanding neuroplasticity and how thoughts are energy, feelings are attractors and beliefs are anchors. Use this! This information is pure gold!

You can create ANY kind of life you choose to experience just with this information alone. Get out of the old excuse mindset because that way of thinking only puts limitations on your life. Remember, thoughts are energy so use them wisely. Every thought you have had has created what you see in your life today. How’s that going for you? In all honesty, if you want change in your life, hell, if you want a completely new life, you need to start thinking completely new thoughts NOW rather than later!

We’re at the forefront of a New Way - a New Time - a New Beginning. There is a New Energy that has been sweeping onto the planet- the entire solar system actually - and this new energy has stirred up SO many things on the planet and within every living being that is here at this point in time.

We’re on the edge of creation, pushing the boundaries, expanding consciousness, merging with beyond the veil. What an AWESOME time to be living in!

Enjoy it all. Use your magnificent mind on purpose and create what you truly want to. You deserve this. We’re all here right now for a reason. Show us :)

Hugs to you Dear Reader xo ~ Kelly

Posted 108 weeks ago

As parents, we do what we can

Yesterday I was shown a mother and her children growing through the phases of life. This morning, I have been woken early with an inner nudge to write about   my waves as a parent. After all, parenting doesn’t come with a handbook and I recall so many times that I wish it had. But then again, this parenting journey wouldn’t be what is is if we had done things by a book ;) Ahhh, this is life. Unsure, uncertain, sometimes scary as hell - and here we are.

As a parent, I see each milestone as a wave. A wave that washes away after we’ve been tumbled around in it for a while. You see, when our children were born, there was bottle feeding, nappy changing, carrying them here and there and everywhere and sleepless nights one after the other. It’s part of growing because they can’t do anything for themselves in the beginning. It’s a constant need for mum and dad to help the child get from A to B whether it be getting dressed or brushing hair or wiping the bum and even helping with burps. 

And then, after a while, that wave passes and the child can hold themselves up … they sleep through the night and they even begin crawling and then walking. Wow! One less thing for mum and dad to go through. Theres goes a wave.

The day finally arrives when bubs starts communicating. Talking. Words and then sentences so now mum and dad no longer have to “guess” whats wrong or whats wanted. Yay! No more “playing the psychic”. This is great! And then, just to top it off, the little one starts using the toilet all by themselves. Whoop whoop! Major happy dance! There goes another wave.

Exploring, family fun, laughter, tears, confusion, understanding - it’s all happening in every moment. What a whirlwind. Play, play, constant play. Lego, drawing, painting, dollys, stamping, dance, parks, playgroup and before we know it, our kids are eating by themselves - yes, feeding themselves and even having an opinion about what they want to wear today. Little Miss Independence steps up to the plate. Thats another wave gone.

Then theres school and learning and as the years goes by theres even homework and more tears. Peer pressure and strength gained with every up and every down. Little shoes get bigger. Little words get longer. Little hands no longer need holding when crossing the road. They grow and they grow. Another wave …. gone.

High school turned into homeschool and a brand new wave was born as a parent and for the teens. Conscious decisions were made and if the girls were going to homeschool, they needed to help me out big time. Homeschool was a foreign concept to us and we plodded along, very awkwardly at first, until we fell into our own way. 

No systems. No curriculum. Our way was they way of doing what we loved. The girls grew even more as they had decisions to make for themselves. What did THEY love to do? Once again they found their way as we encouraged them to follow what they love, what inspires them, what guides  them from within. Whoosh! Another wave goes by.

Growth and hormones kick in. Holy moly! Teenage answer backs were the thing for a little while. No biggie. They’re just finding their way. A great time to remind them that words can hurt parents as well as friends. Be nice with your words! Next minute there’s menstrual cycles ….. bananas and condoms ….. blushing and laughter ….. family meetings with an open floor …. as parents, we do what we can to help our kids to be safe and keep on communicating with us - even about the embarrassing things. 

Homeschooling continues. And so the academic studies her passion and gets certification after a years training at 15 years old. She now works in childcare and LOVES it! The other, more of a hands-on learner, uses her energy to attract her passion of animals to her. She started working with animals at 13 years of age. Proud moments for us as parents seeing our girls go after something that brings them joy. A wave washes by.

Now, as parents, we are in the midst of another wave. Every wave for us has been a learning curve. An opportunity to either cave in or “suck it up buttercup” and just do what needs to be done. This is the wave of drivers licenses and boys. Oh man! Do we really need to surf this one? Yep - there goes that buttercup thing again. haha! 

Head above water, I look around. I see the waves we have passed through. The phases of a lifetime. The milestones of little people as they explore their great big world from within, and out.

This is an amazing time to be living in and I’m grateful that I get to go through it with some incredible people by my side. It hasn’t all been sugar coated and easy going - hell no! We’ve all done some major loops and twists on the roller coaster of life, that’s for sure! 

If there’s one sliver of advice I can give about this journey of life, its this: 

Life doesn’t come with a handbook and nor should it. You are meant to trip up, fall flat on your face and even get lost from time to time. But the main thing is, to always find yourself again. Always get back up. Communicate, even about the smallest things. And ride those waves to the very best of your ability and if you stack it or wipeout, just get back up again. Life gets messy sometimes. Deal with it. Don’t be hard on yourself. Remember, no matter whats happened in the past, right here and right now is always a great place to start again. 

Enjoy the waves while they last. All my love - from one parent to another.  xo ~ kelly

Posted 109 weeks ago

It's Time To Lift Up On The Emotional Spiral

As a mass consciousness, we are here to experience all that we can. Every feeling must be felt. We live in a feeling universe and over eons we have all gone through the ups and downs of the emotional spiral. We have done a fantastic job of feeling guilt, anger, scarcity, rejection and many of the heavier emotions - we did all of that together as a whole ❤️. And now as individuals, one thing that we can do to help all of us, is to become aware of what we are feeling. 

Become aware of where you are, in any feeling moment, on the emotional spiral and when you become aware that you are participating in a descending emotion, stop it! Cancel it! Don’t play in that energy. Consciously stop it. 

Instead, bring your awareness in to your present moment. Bring your mind into your present moment. “Now” is always a safe space. 󾬖 Dwell in “Now” to centre yourself and then slowly begin to lift your emotional state because you can! You and you alone are in charge of your thought and the feeling emotions that go with each thought. 

When you change the direction of your thought, you begin to shift your feelings and emotions, and when you can do this as an individual, and stick to it, you not only benefit your life, but you also help to lift up mass consciousness, one little lift at a time. The Ripple Effect of this is incomprehensible! So I thank you all for playing in the lower levels for so many lifetimes . 󾬖 We did it .󾌵 And now we’re here to shift our awareness to the higher feelings. The happiness, the self love, the enthusiasm, gratitude, forgiveness, passion and empowerment and just like we did the lower levels together, together we’ll lift each other up to the higher playing fields 󾌸. C'mon. We can do this! All together now. Much love to us all 󾬘xo ~ kelly

Posted 120 weeks ago

Every Energy Has A Match For It

Every energy has a match for it. Every happiness that you send out will attract more happiness to you. Every sadness that you send out will attract more sadness to you. Every judgement that you send out will attract more judgement to you. Every love that you send out will attract more love to you. Every anger that you send out will attract more anger to you

Or we can say it this way ……………………… Every scarcity thought you have about money keeps pushing money away from you. Every horrible thought you have around relationships pushes away the possibility of an awesome relationship. Every thought you have that causes you to feel sorry for yourself eg: oh poor me, why does this crap always happen to me? …. Will bring even more crap to keep happening to you. 

Or we can say it this way ……………………….  My car always breaks down - and so it shall be. I always get sick - and so it shall be. I can never afford it - and so it is. I’ve never really had any true friends - and so it is. Life is hard - and so it is. 

You see, thoughts and feelings are also energy. EVERYTHING is energy and whatever kind of energy you send out, you ALWAYS in all ways, get back. If you want different outcomes in your life, the ONLY way is to start sending out different energy! There is no other way! You need to start telling a different story about your life. A story that you WANT your life to be . 

Use your energy on purpose and with purpose. Focus it. Direct it. Build new ways of thinking. Open your mind to new possibilities. Breakthrough old thought patterns. Lay strong and positive foundations for a healthy confident mindset that gets you what you want! - not what you don’t want. I teach this in depth during workshops that I hold. Check them out here. http://www.powerfultools4life.com/online-courses.php No more BS! Start living the life that you WANT to be living. Literally! - with love, Kelly xo

Posted 120 weeks ago

Let go of the hose!


We are born as LoVe ~ abundant in ALL things … 

… and then, as part of our human experience, we were “conditioned” into believing things that were not true.

We now know that they were not true because they made us “feel” bad (out of the alignment of that which we Truly Are ~ LoVe <3 )

We learned how to create barriers and distrust and little did we know at the time, that the barriers we created, blocked out The Flow of Who-We-Truly-Are <3 LoVe <3

The walls stopped the Flow of Abundance in all things in its tracks. Much like a water hose that has been folded over on itself and squeezed to pinch off The Flow. Brick walls stopped our Flow.

……… and this is where it gets REALLY exciting :) This is where we Re-member that WE create the barriers all by ourselves. WE are the ones pinching the hose off. WE are the ones that put up a brick wall for this and a brick wall for that ……….. and the walls were created by the conditioning that we fell for ………

……… now we just need to FORGET all that we have been conditioned into believing, let it all go …. let go of the hose ….. and as we LET GO, we will easily be able to join back in to The Flow and we will start to Re-member that NO walls were required in the first place.

WE are LoVe ~ abundant in ALL things <3

Hugs to you Dear Reader xxx
~ Kelly

Posted 120 weeks ago

Cutting Energy Cords

As we go about our day, we interact with others in many different ways. Whether it be in person, by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, letters, books, TV, Youtube and so on.

We must realise that every interaction, is an exchange of energy and every thought is energy based.

When we realise this, we start to understand the impact that we have had on others and inevitably, the impact that others have had on us.

For example, you might make online updates in one form or another. When people read your update or watch your video or read your article, a “thought” is created by the person that is reading or watching or listening to you.

Depending on that person, they could see you as an inspirational light or, in some cases, a down right idiot! Regardless of how you are seen by another, you are receiving that persons energy whether you like it, or not.

Another example is when YOU are listening to or reading something from others. Be aware of the energy you are sending out. Are you injoy in what you are hearing or reading? In many cases nowdays, we need to use discernment. Just because you see a picture on Facebook with a written “fact” on it, does not necessarily mean it is a fact. Research for yourself if need be to get to your Truth.

Anyway, I went off track a bit there, but the whole idea is to be careful on the energies you are sending out. Judge not, for what you have read or heard is simply another persons “description” or “story”. Some people feed off negative energies so love it when they are fed to help them grow and expand. For instance, if you focus on (give attention to) the negatives that are taking place in the world at the moment, you are helping to EXPAND whatever it is you are focusing on.

Here is an exercise that you can say, every night before bed, if you so choose. This will help cut energy cords that have been hooked into you from others throughout your day, and also return your energy, that you have hooked into others, maybe unconsciously, throughout your day.

The Exercise

TO CUT ENERGY CORDS, you may like to say:

Divine Mother, Father, Creator of All That Is, I choose that any and all energy cords attached to me be pulled, washed, cleansed and returned to where they belong.

I choose that any and all energy cords I have attached to others be pulled, washed, cleansed and returned to me now. Thank you. It is done ♥

This exercise was suggested to me by Michael Angels and I felt like sharing it here. Search within, and decide on your own Truth xox

Posted 121 weeks ago

3 Things That Can Help You Deal With Unpleasant People At Work

The workplace can often be a fun and exciting environment.  It can also be a pain in the butt, especially when you know you are about to go to work and those two particular work colleagues, you know the ones that talk about you behind your back, well, it can bring down the atmosphere of a “could be good” day at work. 

Here are 3 things you can do the next time you go to work to help you experience more ease and less stress when it comes to having to work with unpleasant people.


1. First of all, realise that only hurt people, hurt people. Keeping this in mind, rock up at work and change the way you look at these people. Ask yourself “I wonder what makes them act this way?”. This will help you to lighten your energy around the situation and when your energy is softer, theirs will be too.

2. Smile at them. In the nicest possible way, smile as you walk by :) Understand that this is obviously a person that is hurting deep down inside so give them a smile. A compassionate smile (not a sarcastic one). A compassionate smile could help unpleasant people to stop talking about you behind your back (or it might make them wonder what you’ve been up to). A sarcastic smile will only egg them on even more!  Smiles are energy too. Use them nicely.

3. Stop expecting these people to be talking about you in the first place. When you put that “expectation of being put down” energy “out there”, there will certainly be people that give back what you’re putting out energy wise - in this instance, people talking about you behind your back because you expect it! Instead, put your thought toward having a great day today, simply because you can! 

Everything is energy and energy flows where your attention goes. Think nice. Play nice. And have a sensational day :) 

Posted 121 weeks ago

How Do We See Things?

We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are <3

Meaning if you are a light hearted individual, you will see people and situations around you in a light hearted way :)

If you are a grumpy individual, you will see people and situations around you in a grumpy kind of way :)

Same world. Different perspectives.

When you consciously start making the decision to shift your perspective to a lighter feeling, your outcomes in life start to change as well.

As within, so without <3 We encourage you to experiment with this idea …… even just on one small area of your life ….. just for 2 weeks …. and when you stick to seeing things from a lighter point of view, you will certainly notice things as they begin to shift in your ‘reality’ <3

Find something nice in every person, every day. Play with perspective, and watch things change for the better <3

Posted 121 weeks ago

I gave one of our chickens, Jewel, some Reiki. She was an old girl and at the time of making the above video and writing the original blog, Jewel was about to make her transition.

Using Reiki when tuning in to animals, its an amazing thing to be able to do. I remember Phoebe, one of our other chickens (while we’re on the subject of chickens). She had a very low self esteem. Just putting my hands on her and being able to tune into her I could feel how down she was with life. She really didn’t want to be here, Phoebe, and she passed over a while ago now and now it’s Jewels turn. Jewel will make her transition today (February 8th 2015)

I’ve had my hands on her this morning and Jewel was a very stubborn chicken, the head honcho, the master of the run. And she’s hanging on. I have some photos of Jewel and her little healing as you can see below and I just want to share with you what I saw through Jewel this morning. It’s so beautiful.

I had my hands on her and then I closed my eyes and I in my mind I could see that I was down low, like I was being the chicken. And this big gumboot stepped over me and I started chasing this gumboot because I knew that this gumboot was attached to this woman.  She must have been a farmer or something. She had these big overalls on, a big hat and a beautiful big smile.

And the meadow that Jewel is going to is just endless and the grass is so soft and wavy and it’s up to my knees and there’s no fences or anything. They can roam as far as the eye can see.

Anyway, this woman came out and she had this bucket of golden seed and she’s sprinkling it and she’s smiling and whoever wanted the seed would come running and it’s just such a beautiful place.

But Jewel’s hanging on. She’s in between worlds at the moment. You can feel the strength of her being here, you know, “this is my life, I haven’t finished, there’s so many things that I want to accomplish” …. and she’s a chicken and this is great. We all have a lot of things that we strive to do to achieve a goal, because we can. And Jewel wants so much more.

The egg laying from her has stopped and her body, well it’s time for her body to go but her spirit, oh she wants to do so much more. I’m not sure what she’s going to come back as next but for now, yeah, it’s time for Jewel to slowly go to the other side. She’s in between at the moment so maybe she’s checking out the lady with the gumboots first.

A very big personality Jewel. I felt Phoebe was there too. I didn’t see her but knowing that her little mate will be there as well …. we got those two together, Phoebe and Jewel.

So if you have a feathered friend and they’re making their way,  there’s always something bigger out there. It’s just our bodies that go but our spirit goes on forever.

Rest in peace Dear Jewel xox We’ll see you on the flip side beautiful girl xox 

Posted 121 weeks ago