Your Solar Plexus Chakra

LOCATED above the belly button

RELATES TO our power and control - Personal Power, humour, curiosity and awareness.

WHEN BALANCED we have healthy self – esteem and confidence, can easily laugh at ourselves and go with the flow of life as we know exactly who we are.

IMBALANCES can be caused by repressed emotions, working too much (workaholic) or being a ‘control freak’ who never slows down. Overly competitive with a fear of being ‘left behind’ 

WHEN BLOCKED we can feel powerless, anxious and frustrated and often feel like a victim in the world.

BLOCKAGES COULD CAUSE indigestion, diabetes, panic attacks, ulcers, acid reflux and stomach problems.

ASSOCIATED WITH the pancreas. The pancreas produces the body's supply of insulin to control blood sugar levels and produces digestive enzymes that help break down foods.

GOVERNS the stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, muscles, digestion

Heal Your Solar Plexus  Chakra

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Our energy centres can tell us so very much about our lives, internally (physically) and externally (life reality). Whether our chakras are blocked, imbalanced or spinning, they are always (in all ways) adding to the affects of our health, relationships, finances, creativity, jobs, sociability, love life, communication, intuition, higher perspective and so much more!

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