LOA and God

Posted by Kelly Flack on Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sit back and relax as you open your mind to this emotionally powerful movie clip by Neale Donald Walsch - The man who had an actual conversation with God.

I sincerely hope that you can HEAR what this clip is trying to deliver. Here it is.

Lets expand on certain parts of this video because when you look at it closely, actually relate to the law of attraction. (LOA)

Neale's video says: That we are pure Gods and Goddesses at birth, pure love. So, did you grasp it's implication? This is

This particular piece:

"My promise is to always give you what you ask.Your promise - is to ask"

With the LOA, whatever we are focusing on, and adding feeling to,  we are asking for, literally. You've probably heard this
old saying - 'Be careful what you ask for'.

This is why it is important to become aware of our thoughts and get rid of those negative ones. By now you would have
learned how to get rid of a negative thought. You simply "STOP IT"! And get back on track with your back-up happy thought that we have already talked about.

Let's take a look at this next part:

"Here's where you get hung up. You can accept His son, off-spring likeness, but you recoil it being called His equal. It
is too much to accept. Too much bigness. Too much wonderment. Too much responsibility.

For if you are God's equal, that means nothing is being done TO you, and all things are created BY you. There can be no
more victims. No more villians - only outcomes of your thought."

For many, this is a wake up call. Whatever we have in our life right now, we have created with our past thoughts. The
thoughts that we are having right now, are creating our tomorrows. We can be, do, have absolutely anything that we
desire. Our only limit is our imagination. Expand your imagination and think BIG!

The change must start with YOU.  No more excuses!

Do not wait for a change of environment before you act. Get a change of environment by action. There is no time like the
present  :)


The LOA is working all of the time so there is value in learning how. Or else it's like coming into a game without
understanding the rules, and wondering why you are getting what you get.

If you keep on doing what you have always done, you WILL keep on getting what you have always got.

 'Ask' wisely.  

May you have everything you desire,
Your friend,


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