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Posted by Kelly Flack on Monday, May 18, 2009 Under: Children

Today my husband, Peter and I, sat down with our 2 daughters and started a journey with them through the words of Winsome Coutts - Visualizing and The Law of Attraction For Kids.

Cori is 7 years old so today we started with the younger kids book called "The Secret of Making Wishes Come True"
Shayla is turning 10 in a few weeks and there is also an older kids book called  "How To Get The Things You Want (and Have Fun Doing It)" We have decided to go through both books all together as a family, one step at a time.

Winsome said in the Parent's Guide that we will probably learn a few things from our children as we go along. This certainly happened today and I'd like to share it with you.

After reading to page 8, we were asked to write down all of our wishes, big ones and little ones. Each of us had our notepad and a pen and the writing began. I took a few seconds to look around at my husband and daughters as we found ourselves in our own little worlds. Amazing. I watched as their minds opened up with the things we had just learned. We wrote quietly, confidently and excitedly.

After a while, Cori read her wish list out to us of the things she had written so far. My little angel wished for a cubby house, a neverending Christmas and a  ride on a dolphin, just to name a few things.  Good on her. I'm excited for her.

Shayla, however, taught me a great deal. On my wish list I had "I make $670 each day" and a "purple Toyata Tarago" as a few of my wishes. When Shayla read her wishes out aloud, I was blown away.

Two of Shay's wishes are $100,000 a day and a Limo.

I sit here and shake my head as I try to find the words to describe how I am feeling. Incredible! I'm so proud of her. My little big girl knows how to THINK BIG and no-one is ever going to take that away from her. I know wholeheartedly that we, as a family, are doing this at the right time for us. Our childrens futures are looking brighter already form this 20 minute fun mind workout. The girls (and us parents) look forward to tomorrow when we will do another 20 minute journey through Winsome's words. 


After that, Peter and I went out on the verandah as the girls played. We looked at each other in pure amazement as if a new world were unfolding right before our very eyes. We realize that for our children, the potential possibilities for them are unlimited since they are learning this from a very young age. Pure magic!


I look back down the corridor of my life and see many closed doors. Closed to the possibilities of my young mind. In my childhood, I was taught that life was meant to be hard, that dreams are a waste of time and that I had to work hard for my money.


I have come a long way since then. I now look forward to the corridor of my life – forward to a lot of open doors. Opportunities are for taking. Life is easy and beautiful. Abundance of all things  is here for every one and dreams are always worth following.


Please, encourage the kids in your life to follow their dreams. Allow them to create their absolute masterpiece in this journey that we are all here for. This journey called life. They will definately thank you for it later.


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