My Kids and Their Law of Attraction Part 2

Posted by Kelly Flack on Monday, June 15, 2009 Under: Children

We have come a long way and continue to learn and grow every day. I get to watch my children as their minds open up a little more with every waking (and sleeping) hour of the infinite possibilities that they have within thier reach.

As you may know from "My Kids and Their Law of Attraction" Part 1, making $100k per day and owning a Limo are 2 of Shaylas wishes (my 10 year old daughter) And in comparison to my wishes of $670 per day and a purple Toyota Tarago, Shayla definately knows how to think big and I am excited for my little girl.

Before I even knew about law of attraction, my children were learning from me. I remember taking them shopping and saying "No, we can't afford that" and seeing something I like and then checking the price tag with a shudder. I shed a tear as I realize that they saw my "lack mentality" but now I shed another tear of joy as I know that we have well and truly passed that stage and now radiate a mentality of abundance.

Thankfully Cori was too young to carry these vibes over into her present, if she has, she shows no signs of lack as she travels through her lifes journey. Shayla on the other hand, soaked up all that I gave but the best part is that we now know the power, and through Winsomes words, Shayla is tapping into her personal power of abundance every day.

I sat down with Shay and asked her why she wished for certain things on her wish list. When we got to the $100k, she explained she wanted it to buy all the things on her list :) I know, I know - here it is - I told her that she can have all of the things on her list by using her power and the things will be attracted to her like a magnet. There was no need for her to go to the shop and buy them. With her belief easily in place, the things would simply come. You should have seen her face. The penny dropped (so to speak :)

Back on track, we went through Winsomes words  again. It was time to make our vision boards and we all had an absolute ball. Cori chose the guinea pig from her wish list to visualise on. She has named it Maxxy. We got pictures of orange and white guinea pigs only (as thats the colour she wants), along with Maxxy's 2 storied house, food, outside run and toys. Shayla chose her Artists Easel to focus on. She collected pictures of easels, smock, brushes, paper and paints. We hung our boards next to our beds. These are real visions of what my children have just on the other side of imagination. It's wonderful.

Every evening and every morning we do what we have been taught by Winsome. It was Shaylas 10th birthday a few weeks back. None of her friends know about her vision boards or wishes. However, one friend gave her a special "Wishing Jar" as a present and another friend gave her a paint set. Hmmm! (Twilight Zone theme plays in the distance)


I looked up several meanings of the word "coincidence"

unforseen event
an event that might have been arranged
the quality of occupying the same position or area in space
the appearance of a meaningful connection when there is none
a circumstance so agreeing with another
occorrences that relate on a level that was not pre-organized, yet have characteristics as though they were pre-organized

Could "coincidence" simply be another word for our universal law of attraction? Sounds like a bit of a coincidence if you ask me  :)

Please, encourage the kids in your life to follow their dreams. Allow them to create their absolute masterpiece in this journey that we are all here for. This journey called life. They will definitly thank you for it later.


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