Sometimes We HAVE To Do Things That we Don't Want To Do.

Posted by Kelly Flack on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Under: Children

Sometimes we all have things that we don't really want to do but we HAVE to do. Things we HAVE to do, could be due to policies that have been put in place, contracts, government laws, traditions etc but today I want to write about school curriculums.

This morning, Shayla woke up "pretending" to be not feeling well. Her temperature was fine, her cheeks were rosy and I saw a smile hidden underneath her pretend frown. We sat, and I knew I would get to the bottom of this.

Everyday, I teach my children to look for the "positives" in life. This all started years ago when some children were picking on them at school. They learned to look at the "bully" in a new way and ultimately, they attracted a positive outcome.

I have recently been learning about schools in other countries where the students only learn of things that they are passionate about. There is no strict school curriculum in place for these students. They are going with the flow of "Who-They-Really-Are"

Anyway, Shayla finally told me that Music Class was upsetting her. She said "Mum, its like telling someone they HAVE to climb a tree even if they don't want to". She went on to explain about other kids arguing in music class and how her friends felt about it. I asked "But how do YOU feel about it"?

Long story short - tears streamed down her little face as she sobbed "I really really really don't like it"!

OK. Those tears put the icing on the cake for me. All the positive thinking stuff flew straight out the window. I had these "other" schools in mind, where the students learn and expand only on their passions. I thought, if they can do it that way, why can't my kids. (I know now that was a wrong question to ask myself - lol)

We walked down to school and headed straight for Mr Kirk's office - the principal!

Boy O Boy! My mind trip into LaLa Land was grounded pretty soon after. Talk about a snap back to my current reality.

Mr Kirk was awesome. He explained the title of this blog very well. Sometimes We HAVE To Do Things That we Don't Want To Do.

You see, music is a part of our schools curriculum and he spoke with Shayla in such a way, that I could see her fears of music slowly disappear.

Mr Kirk explained Shaylas 'thinking' as a CD that was playing over and over in her mind. I watched as he helped her "change the CD" to play a happier tune (thoughts) about how she can get through music class very easily. Get through it, and it's done!

I now see why there are many people out there in the world, doing things that they don't really want to do - but they have to do.

Our little school hadn't changed overnight into one I hold dearly in my mind. For now, if we must trudge along bound by laws and policies and curriculums, then at least take a moment to look at what you HAVE to do in a happier way. When we change the way we look at things ~ the things we look at change.

And don't worry. If humanity does continue down this path, it won't be for much longer.
One day, very soon, we will ALL be taught how to live like "Who-We-Really-Are" and until that time comes, just keep "changing the CD"

I sit here and laugh to myself as a realization sweeps over me. Mr Kirk is my answer to a blog I wrote recently - yep! My LOA is strong :)

Shay's tears of musical fears made me want to scoop her up and take her to the place I see in my mind. But now I realise, she is the only one that can do that for herself. So I will continue feeding my children positive thoughst and positive feelings. I will continue to live more in my mind, than in my reality and next time, I won't confuse the two (Duh!)- lol :) 

Many thanks Mr Kirk.

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