Your Sacral Chakra

LOCATED below the belly button

RELATES TO our physical and material desires - creativity, procreation, feelings and emotions.

WHEN BALANCED we can unleash our creative genius very easily and experience healthy sexual relations with a loving, compatible partner.

IMBALANCES can be caused by the experience of abuse, whether it be sexual, emotional or physical, either in this lifetime or past lives.  Imbalances can also be caused by neglect, manipulation and by self -serving emotions such as guilt, self- judgement, putting down oneself or by child hood or societal conditioning.

WHEN BLOCKED we may experience guilt and pain about relationships and a lack of creativity and sociability

BLOCKAGES COULD CAUSE infertility, menstrual pains,inner conflict, sexual problems, instability, sense of isolation.

ASSOCIATED WITH the gonads, also known as ‘sex glands’ which are the testis in males and the ovaries in females

GOVERNS your sex and urinary organs, kidneys and the circulation and reproductive systems

Heal Your Sacral Chakra

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Our energy centres can tell us so very much about our lives, internally (physically) and externally (life reality). Whether our chakras are blocked, imbalanced or spinning, they are always (in all ways) adding to the affects of our health, relationships, finances, creativity, jobs, sociability, love life, communication, intuition, higher perspective and so much more!

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