Carnelian - The First Communication  

2nd February 2016 

When I first began practising with Reiki in 2013, I had my husband on the massage table. I had called my Guides to me, I was centered and I was going through the Reiki healing hand positions as they were placed gently over my husbands lower back area. 

Out of nowhere, an image appeared in my mind. It was the orange carnelian that sat next to a pile of books on my bedside table. I hadn't seen it for a while as it lay hidden, out of sight.

I shrugged it off.

Carnelian with his little eyes and big smiling face

My attention went to my husbands back again and after a few minutes, the carnelian popped into my mind a second time. I thought to myself "this is weird". 

The picture in my minds eye, was of the carnelian placed on my husbands back, exactly where my hands were at the time. I shook my head and carried on with Reiki. 

Yet again, the carnelian appeared, in my mind, positioned on hubbys back. I said to him "stay here bub, I've just got to go get something and I'll be right back"

... off I walked down the hallway to the bedroom and sure enough, there was carnelian, lightly coated in a thin layer of dust as it sat by the pile of books. I picked it up, wiped the dust off and thought to myself "well come on then"

At my husbands side with the carnelian, I placed it exactly where I saw it in my mind. As soon as it was put onto my husbands back, he let out a gentle "ahhh" .......

Ever since that experience, I have listened to every image in my mind that has come my way. This is how I began "hearing" the crystals and nowadays, I basically do what they guide me to do.

Over the years, carnelian has gained cracks and colour changes during all of the work it has done. I am so grateful for this little crystal that never gave up on me 'seeing' it, and it continues to gently teach me, in its own unique way.


"Carny", as I affectionately call it, still holds it place in the crystal box with the rest of the team but it doesn't do as much work nowadays. Another carnelian came along to take its place as it rests from all of it's wonderful healing that it has given throughout the years - every crack, every line, holds it's own story as this strong crystal has taken away pains from physical bodies and lives on to tell its story with it's smiling face still intact.

The two images above are of the new carnelian. Smooth and beautiful. Confident and powerful. This gorgeous little piece has already done several healings. It will be interesting to see how it changes over time too- as do we all.

And here are the Carnys of our healing crystal team. Retired smiley on the left and new smoothy on the right - and what a pair they make!

The crystal team has grown in size and I "hear" them all when ever they are needed to perform a task with a person that is on my table. I listen. I do. 

Some people can 'feel' the power of certain crystals that are placed on or beside them. Some people feeling pulsing, vibrations, heat, cold, pins and needles, goosebumps and some feel nothing at all. 


Either way, I know my crystal team and I are doing what needs to be done at that certain point in time. Energies shift. Calmness settles. Growth expands. Bodies relax and minds quieten. It's what we do. And I'll be doing this for many years to come - my crystal team and I :) 

Written by Kelly Flack 2/2/16

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