I am a mother of two wonderful teenagers and my husband and I have been home educating our children since 2011. Following my inner guidance, I was drawn to working with energy and experimenting with focused energy and outcomes in my life. 

I am a Reiki Master, an empath, intuitive psychic and crystal healer and I share many of my experiences online and in person. I have been helping people come to an understanding about why their lives are, the way that they are and how to use their points of attraction on purpose since 2007.

I shift old energies from situations and the planet and I help people to also consciously shift within themselves as they shed old ways and old beliefs that no longer serve them.

We are in a changing world at a paramount 'time' in human history. Together, we are writing the future. Let's consciously make it an abundant and highly positive one :)

So much love to you dear reader xox ~ kelly


Many people are struggling in different areas of their lives as this Great Awakening continues all across our beautiful planet - relationships, health, money ...

They search online (like I used to) for help and answers and often go through product after product in the hopes that their struggles will soon be fixed...

However, the REAL change must start from within.

Go within or go without.

It really is that simple.