There are BIG things afoot and they'll be available to you SOON as I take on my next roles in life that I am being nudged forward into doing by Spirit. Along with these brand new events for you, there is now a brand new, easier to use website which is up and running. It's our "big sister" site where you can be kept up to date with that happens with powerfultools4life :) 

Talking After Life is a video series about some of my personal experiences with beloved pets and family members that I have had the humbling privilege to continue to communicate with...

after they have passed over. 

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Business For Practitioners is still in the ethers. More information will be available as I am guided to create more. Thanks for your patience.

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3-7 Day Retreats - dedicated to "Self" - "My Time To Shine" -and will involve positive mindset, working with your own energy and shifting negativity, understanding vibrational crystals, building confidence, meditation and relaxation, self healing tips, gentle exercise/walks and more

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It's still me - it's just my new website is all ;) 

60 Second Self Healing Tips is a free video series which provides you with one 60 second self healing video tip each week for 52 weeks. Thats a years worth of healing direct to your email inbox. Subscribers to this list will also have access to some awesome free tools that only subscribers can get! To see when this is available, please sign up at here 

Meditation Audio Membership is a one year subscription program that supplies you with one meditation audio to download each week. Its a great way to build up your meditation library as you experience the mini transformation shifts within yourself  by simply listening to these audios. Each one has been created by myself with divine guidance. To see when this program is available, please sign up at here

Life Events Personal Development Courses are online courses developed to target specific areas in your life to make every day living easier. Take one course or take the lot, it's entirely up to you. 

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Mind and Energy Workshops For Kids and Teens is now being made into an online course for kids.

This course is for our younger people are actually segments of the adult version of the mindset and energy workshops. They are broken down into bite sized learning sessions to avoid overwhelm and provide more ease of learning and will be compatible for specific age groups 

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Our Home Education Journey is a free email series as I share our ups and downs, resources that we found helpful, what worked for us and what didn't. Subscribers to this series will receive awesome subscriber bonuses that only subscribers get! Come along and have a laugh (and a cry) with us. 

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One for the Toowoomba Locals. Choose from a variety of personalised sessions from anxiety therapy, depression ease, mindset empowerment, goal setting, spirit team connection, healing of aches and pains and thought pattern shifting just to name a few. These sessions are available now and you will find more information at

3 or 4 times a year we call for volunteers who will allow our energy students to "tune in" to your energy field to send you healing and pick up on any messages that could come through for you. We also ask for your feedback so our students know how they have done with their healing session for you.

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Get ready for some exciting times ahead! 

All of the above events and services will be available at the new website. (Yes, it's still me - just my new site is all) To be notified of when these are up and running, please sign-up for free  at