Happy New Year ~ Healing Ankle

1st January 2016 

Happy to welcome in the new year with a few friends and a load of laughs.

My ankle is healing very well. No more wheel chair or crutches for me. Just a moon boot or compression stocking put on periodically throughout the day to calm occasional swelling.

I'm bare foot most of the time now  :) 

It's such a good feeling to be able to put bare feet on the grass again. Loving it! 

Clear quartz, tiki and Rose quartz helped me with my recovery big time! 

crystals healing my ankle

My husband and children decorated the cast with some awesome art work and a lot of love. 

We stayed in a holiday home on the beach. I remember crawling up the flight of stairs to get into the house - I did it! .... and I crawled back down again each time we went out. Just like life - one step at a time.


My artistic cast
my family decorated the cast

18 staples, 1 plate and 7 screws later, I'm so grateful to have slowed right down and even more grateful to be able to walk on both feet again.

Yay! :)

The better it gets, the better it gets! Have a fantastic 2016 ahead everyone. It will be whatever you decide to make it! 


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