Healing To and From Our Earth

Many of us are aware of what our beautiful planet is going through. She shudders with earthquakes from within her and tornadoes above her. From one extreme of drought to flood, heat to cold, she is with us always. 

We see people in awe of the brilliance of our sun and full of glorious wonder at the beams of a full moon ...

..... let us now give some of that powerful energy of awe and wonder to the place that we walk all over - our earth. 

Take a look here at the earthquakes that she has gone through in the last 24 hours worldwide and scroll down the page


That will give you some idea of what out planet earth is going through in this moment and her earthquakes affect all of us.

You can help out our beautiful planet in just 5 minutes a day. That's not much to ask considering all that she provides for us. Here's what you could do.

The Exercise

Keep in mind that everything is energy and energy flows where our attention goes. As humans, we have energy centres (aka chakras) all throughout our hands and our feet. 

Receiving From Earth

Today, slip out of those rubber soled shoes and place your bare feet on the earth. It can be on a dirt patch or a piece of grass. 

Breathe in and stand there as you 'feel' your feet on the ground.

At this point in time, the earths energy is connecting with yours. We have all heard of the phrase "Mother Earth" ..... so with barefeet connected to her, Mother is healing us, strengthening us, calming us, grounding us, settling our energy ..... and all we need to do is kick those shoes off and gently walk or stand.

However, with all relationships it is beneficial to all involved that we have an energetic balance so ......

Giving To Earth

Keep those shoes off and find a nice place to either sit or lay down. Place both of your hands palm down on the earth. Remember the energy centres that we all have within our own hands ...... become aware of them as you breathe. 

Set the intention to send love and healing to our beautiful planet. This is easily done by saying in your mind - "I now send love and healing to you mother earth" - or something along those lines. That is how intentions are made. You have basically let the earth know what your hands are doing, and so it happens.

The Catch

Don't get caught up in your mind about if it's working or not. These kinds of doubts and thoughts are all an energy of their own and they create blocks in the flow of giving and receiving. Get out of your mind and just allow it to flow because it does. It's that simple! A connection is made and that's all it takes.

There is no need for big rituals or a long list of steps to follow. Having said that, if you prefer the rituals and steps, go for it! There is no right or wrong way - it just 'Is'.

Remember, everything is energy and your energy always flows where your attention goes. Connect with your feet, connect with your hands. Set the intention and that is that!

However, being aware of what is taking place is even more beneficial.

The more you practise this, the more you will begin to 'feel' the energy between you and the earth. It really is a fascinating experience.

Allow yourself at least 5  minutes a day for healing to and from the earth. 

After a week or so, you could begin to 'feel' your feet tingling or your hands heating up. Be aware in each moment and enjoy the sensations of using your energy on purpose :)

Imagine if everyone would spend just 5 minutes a day. Wow! The 'Bigness' of Us All 

Written by Kelly Flack on November 8th, 2015