14 Symptoms Of A Blocked Third Eye Chakra

 Part #3 of the free course "Chakra Info Series"

Internal (physical) Symptoms

  1. Suffer from nightmares/bad dreams
  2. Inability to focus 
  3. Poor eyesight
  4. Headaches
  5. Paranoia
  6. Central nervous system complications
  7. Sinus problems

External (Life Reality) Symptoms

  1. Self-doubt
  2. Indecisive
  3. Inability to see the bigger picture
  4. Unable to hear inner guidance
  5. Often feels 'lost'
  6. Lack of knowing and clarity in life
  7. Negative overactive imagination

Our third eye chakra is an energy distribution centre which is located in the middle of the forehead just above the brow.  It distributes energy to our physical body from our forehead to our eyes, ears and nose and also, to the ability to be able to 'hear' our inner guidance that naturally helps to guide us in our external reality. When we become aware of what third eye chakra blockages could look like in our lives, we also have the power to change them! 


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