14 Symptoms Of A Blocked Solar plexus Chakra

 Part #3 of the free course "Chakra Info Series"

Internal (physical) Symptoms

  1. Indigestion
  2.  Diabetes
  3. Ulcers
  4. Acid reflux
  5. Stomach/muscle problems
  6. Gall bladder
  7. Issues with spleen

External (Life Reality) Symptoms

  1. Low self-esteem/feeling powerless
  2. Repressed emotions
  3. Why me? (Victim mentality)
  4. Workaholic
  5. Overly competitive
  6. Fear of being 'left behind'
  7. "Control Freak"

Our solar plexus chakra is an energy distribution centre which is located above our belly button.  It distributes energy to our physical body for all of our stomach area and also, to the confidence, personal power, humour and curiosity that we have in our external reality. When we become aware of what solar plexus chakra blockages could look like in our lives, we also have the power to change them! 


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