Your  Chakra Info Series

Understanding chakras couldn't get any easier

When we come to understand our chakra energies, we can also begin to realise

  • why we might have certain pains in our physical body
  • how difficult relationships with our partners and people in general are formed
  • we could even understand why we might have a lack of financial support and could always seem to be struggling to make ends meet when it comes to money.


And It's Free!

During the Chakra Info Series, you will

  • Understand the benefits of balanced chakras Know when your chakras are out of balance
  • Recognise 98 Symptoms That You Could Have That Could Be Dragging You Away From the Benefits That Balanced Chakras Can Bring
  • Learn what chakras are, where chakras live and how they affect your daily life
  • See what each chakra relates to physically and externally
  • Understand what your body and your external realities could be like when your chakras are balanced and also, when they are blocked or imbalanced
  • Learn which gland each chakra works with and what body parts each chakra governs
  • Access 73 powerful chakra affirmations and more importantly, learn how to choose them, how to use them and how they work in your subconscious mind
  • Discover 7 different ways to use colour to support your chakras
  • Benefit from a simple 2 minute visualisation technique to help with your chakra energy


  • Learn how to nourish your 7 chakras by using certain foods
  • Become aware of 49 internal (physical) signs and 49 external (life reality) signs of blocked or imbalanced chakras

Not Understanding Your Bodys Chakras Could Cause Upset To Your Relationships, Your Finances and Your Health! 

If you already have a healthy body and mind, you find all of your relationships so fun and loving, you are currently  financially secure and then some, you love yourself and you love your life and things are just so easy...

If this is how you feel, congratulations!

Keep up the great work and the high spirits because all of your chakra energies will be spinning efficiently as they continue to distribute The Flow of abundance to all areas of your internal and external life :) Well done!


However, if you are not experiencing life as the wonderful ride that it can be, with all of the unlimited possibilities that it absolutely does have to offer, then ...

You Need This Information Sooner rather Than Later

Some people get stuck in a rut and this can seem like a vicious circle of feeling lost and alone, depression, unpaid bills, illness, financial struggle, difficult working environments, helplessness, and the heaviness of life can just weigh you down.

Believe me! I've been there ... 

We are all a work in progress and when we understand how our chakras are actually energy centres in the body, then we can understand why some parts of our body and some parts of our life are receiving great energy, some parts of our life are receiving "okay energy" and some parts are just plain out of whack or blocked all together.

Everything is energy and everything is connected so when you know more about how YOUR  chakras are affecting YOUR life, then play with your energy - play, experiment and grow into your FULL potential :) Because you can!

If I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty, it would be the fact that YOU are 100% responsible for your life. The good bits and the not-so-good bits. When you come to understand how your chakras have helped to mould the life you are currently living in, you will realise that ...

You Also Have The Absolute Power To

Change It!