The Energy Healing Master Class will guide you to connect with your bodys energy centres on a more subtle level as you learn how to discover which chakras are blocked, imbalanced or spinning and how to clear and recharge the energy centres of yourself and your family and friends. You will break through energetic barriers to allow yourself to experience:



  • The ability of being able to simply “let go” of heaviness that you might be carrying around with you
  • Connecting with your Higher Self, Spirit Team, Protection  and Guides for healing help from beyond the veil
  • Awareness of your health & ease of bodily aches & pains
  • The power of intention, affirmations & gratitude
  • The realisation that negative and positive external events can affect you internally (physically) and vice versa
  • Pin pointing the dominant thought patterns in your life and shining awareness on them to help with your personal growth
  • Taking responsibility for your positive outcomes in life
  • Using your reflection to uncover hidden lies & inner truth
  • Use the earth to remove any negative energy that you pick up on a daily basis (we all pick up stuff that’s not ours every day!)
  • Cut energy cords that may have been hooked into you from others and call your own energy back to you for completeness
  • Clear rooms of any stagnant, bad feeling energies
  • Use food, colour, visualisation & awareness to support your individual chakra energy
  • Build up confidence in your energy healing abilities as you are invited to practice with our like-minded community in our Healing Gathering Group once a month
  • Wake up each morning to take on the new day with a clean, clear, fresh energy field
  • Be at peace with the energetic shifts that we are all experiencing

The next powerful 4 Week Energy Healing Master Class begins on Sunday 26th February 2017 and this is what you can expect:


Week One

Attend your Energy Healing Workshop in a group environment with a full day of hands-on learning & training to work with your Guides and a crystal pendulum (which is provided) to check, clear and balance your own chakras and those of other people.

You will also access the Chakra Info Series email course to provide you with more information about your energy centres and how to support them by using different techniques.

Be introduced into your Facebook Private Community Group for Energy Healing Master Class students to build up momentum, practise sensing energy online, encourage others on their healing journey, share stories and also gain support from your peers and ultimately, new friends.

Week Two

Relax into your chakra balance & one-to-one session with Kelly so you can address any personal questions and take stock of what you have discovered over the past week and take home some simple strategies to be able to incorporate what you have learned, into your daily life.

Throughout this 2nd week you will also receive your Energy Healing Toolkit via email. Your valuable toolkit includes 5 tools:

  • A 20 minute fully guided self-chakra balance mp3 audio
  • The Energy Healing Video Library with complete access to videos of chakra checks, self-balances, clearing and balancing other people’s chakras, removing energies that do not belong to you, calling your Guides and Protection for working with energy and so much more
  • The Mid-Week Motivator tool will help you to take charge of your energy for the week as you follow through with a specific way of checking in with yourself and your energy
  • Detailed tips and techniques about self-healing for the week ahead
  • Serenity Sundays and the power of gratitude. Journal included.

Week Three

Attend your Healing Gathering in Toowoomba as you build confidence in your new healing abilities. Get to practice as you work on your peers and other energy healing practitioners. This is a very powerful 2 hour gathering which takes place once a month so you can keep in touch, build up your confidence and enhance your intuition and skill set

This week you will also receive a phone call with Kelly to discuss any challenges, changes or awakenings that you would like to talk about or get any help with

Week Four

One-to-one session of clearing blocks and empowering goals. This is a 90 minute energy healing session which can help you to shift heaviness that you might still be holding onto, from your body and your life.

Your final assessment will also take place toward the end of the week so that together, we can measure your progress.