Understand how to work with Your Energy, 

your Chakras and Your  Mind

It Has Always Been You, So  Empower Your Life Today!


Dive into Awareness, Awaken Your Power, Change Your Entire Reality Around

Your Health, Your Relationships, Your Money - Your Life! 

This is a new 'time' we are living in.  Tap in to this wonderful energy and start shifting your life today!

free online Course ~  Unlock Your Full Potential!

Here's What You Will Receive Once A Week  Via Email

Week 1: Begin to understand how your thought affects your entire life and learn one simple word to use to remove negative thought energy. Removing this energy is the beginning of change in the outcomes of your life.

Week 2: Follow six simple steps for getting to know and work with your crystals. Learn how to cleanse and care for them as you form a bond to work with each other in week 4.

Week 3: Tap in to beyond the veil as you learn how to Call your Guides to you for help with healing energy work as you will be tuning into your Guides in the weeks that follow 

Week 4: Watch a guided video of a Chakra Check Tutorial as you discover how to use your crystal pendulum from week 2 and see how it moves to pick up on chakra energies as you come to understand what each movement means

Week 5: Follow along with a guided video as you clear and balance each one of your own chakras using your own energy with help from your Guides 

Week 6: Once again you will tune in to your Spirit Team for help to remove energies that do not belong to you. These can be energies that you have gathered consciously or unconsciously throughout your day. EVERYONE picks up energies that do not belong to them and this weeks lesson will show you how to get rid of what you may have picked up

Week 7: Over the past two weeks you have been working with your own energies on your own body. Lets step it up a notch because this week, you be shown how to perform a Chakra Balance on another person. The Chakra Balance Tutorial will  guide you every step of the way. All you will need is a person to volunteer for this very worthy energetic body balance

Week 8: This week you have the opportunity to have your chakras checked by Kelly via Distant Reiki and receive a free mini chart of your results to keep. The chart will come with complete instructions on how to read it and what each result means for your body, health, relationships, money and so much more!

Week 9: Begin to really understand your chakra check results and how each result is impacting your entire life!

Weeks following: Continue to receive so much more valuable weekly information from self healings to cutting energy cords.

Learn about your energy when it comes to your relationships, your health and your money and be able to CHANGE the outcomes of your life for the better!

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Enhance Your Life!


Everything Is Energy And Everything Is Connected

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Take the time to understand, and you could find yourself in wonderful places that you have never been before.

Step back IN to the Power of Who-You-Really-Are and begin changing your life today!

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