How Your Thought Affects Your Entire Life

Your thought affects your mood, emotions, and ultimately, the outcomes of your entire life! 

Watch the 2 minute video below and begin to understand how your mindset and thought plays a big role toward what you are currently experiencing as your reality. 



Thought Awareness: The Park Bench Technique

Observe your thoughts with these two short exercise videos to become more aware of the thoughts/life that you are creating for yourself and change your life for the better. Simply listen in as you relax and follow along with my voice.

How many thoughts will you become aware of during this exercise?

Be aware of what you are thinking about and then simply let it go as you listen to my voice.



Thought Awareness: The Cat and Mouse Technique

Observe your thoughts with another short exercise video.This video is different to the park bench and the dog. Have a go at this one too and use which one suits you best.



How to Cancel A Negative Thought and Why This is Important

In this 2 minute video, understand why cancelling a negative thought is the beginning of empowering your mindset which can shift the outcomes in all areas of your life exponentially.

Understand your thought and the power behind it once and for all!  

Think about what you've been thinking about and change your life today!!!