The Mindset Empowerment Master Class will prepare you to use your mindset and the energy behind it, on purpose and with purpose which will help you to uncover the energies you might have around money, relationships, self and health in greater detail so you can consciously shift your mindset and thought energy to gain positive outcomes in any area of your life that you put your mind to! You will break through dominant thought patterns & mindset blocks to be able to experience:



  • Laying strong positive foundations for a powerful mindset
  • Discover your inner voice and use it on purpose as a guide for direction toward life clarity in all that you do
  • Use your body & your words to change your emotional state
  • Understand the power behind asking good questions
  • Happy relationships with lovers, family, friends & workmates
  • Consciously work with visualisation and intention to make a positive impact in your life experiences
  • Uncover dominant thought patterns around health and change them
  • Use your thought energy to experiment in your relationships with family and friends and see how people change to match the new you
  • Use techniques to raise your vibration to be able to align yourself with money (instead of unconsciously pushing it away)
  • The awareness of feeling and emotion that can be attached to thought energy and how to shift it
  • Working very easily with your subconscious mind to develop new thought patterns
  • Build up a healthy confidence within yourself and within your body
  • Security within yourself, your job and your living arrangements
  • Waking up each morning to take on the new day with excitement
  • Seeing a clear path ahead to truly create huge results & new outcomesin your life

The next Uplifting 4 Week Mindset Empowerment Master Class begins on Sunday 29th January 2017 and this is what you can expect:


Week One

Attend your Mindset Empowerment Workshop in a group environment with a full day of laying strong foundations for your mind & understanding your own personal thought energy to be able to use it on purpose.

You will also gain access to the Mindset On Track email system which has been designed to keep you on track at home for the next 10 days as you incorporate the new strategies and techniques into your life that you would have learned during the group workshop.

Be introduced into your Facebook Private Community Group for Mindset Empowerment Master Class students to build up momentum with positive thought, encourage others on their strong mind journey, share stories and also gain support from your peers and ultimately, new friends.

Week Two

Let go during your one-to-one session where I will check the energy centres in your body to see how they are performing with your new thought awareness. I will monitor your energy and tune in to see what kind of progress you are making and during your session, I help you work through any ‘stuff’ that may have come to the surface so that you can get through these things to gain a greater clarity for your life ahead.

Week Three

Access your mindset empowerment toolkit via email. Your valuable toolkit includes 5 tools:

  • Healthy eating mindset guide complete with weigh in chart, measurements chart, one week healthy weight loss eating plan that will help you lose weight if you stick to the plan!
  • The thought awareness meditation guide is a downloadable audio to use to help you with your thought awareness process.
  • Rewiring the brain worksheet is used to bring awareness to an unwanted habit and be able to replace it with something beneficial as you use your mind to build new neural pathways in the brain.
  • Think nicely of yourself with techniques to follow and use to build love and confidence up within You! 
  • Powerful boosters to help you with understanding the absolute power of your mind. This website page is filled with videos that you can watch, experiments that you can try, audios that you can listen to and books that you can read to boost your motivation and belief in self and strength of mind!

Week Four

One-to-one session of clearing blocks and empowering goals so Kelly can check your mindset progress, check your body’s energy and breakthrough any remaining barriers with an on track tune up so that you can get out into the world with a strong mind that you are able to use on purpose and with purpose! Approx. duration 90 minutes.