Checking chakras at the Kingaroy Expo

Here I share Reiki and my journey with crystals, attunements, symbols, energies, ascension symptoms and so much more, as I continue tapping into Source and diving into experiences of ......... What ever unfolds from here :) 

I only hope these videos give you some valuable information and might answer some questions that you may never have thought to ask ...

Reiki ~ 1st Degree

1. What Is Reiki and How Does It Work? As Explained by Kelly

 Part 2. My Reiki One Attunement and What Happened To Me :)

How I Started Getting Messages from Crystals 

Part 4. Reiki and Receiving Messages from Beings ~ My Journey

5. Picking Up On Peoples Pains Through Reiki and How to Get Rid of It


Reiki ~ 2nd Degree






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Reiki ~ Masters


Reiki Masters videos are coming soon ~ And one massive Twist ;)

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Hey, thanks for watching! I hope these videos have been of some help for you xox ~ Kelly