Pre Work Power Up

This 20 minute session is for two types of people

  • People that feel pulled down by others in their environment whether it be by bullying, peer pressure or an over demanding influence
  • People that struggle to get through an entire day due to the dullness or repetitiveness of what they do or because their heart is simply not in it

Have a power up of energy to get you through your day and a coat of protection in your energy field so that negative influences stay clear of you.

Leave the session with a clean, clear, fresh energy field that has sealed in protection from any external negative influences. Be able to take on your day with a smile and your head held high.


The Pre Work Power Up is available on the hour and on the half hour between 6am - 8am Monday to Friday. Pre School Power Ups are available during these times too. Parents need to be present during the 20 minute session. Blue card valid.

Pricing and packages

Book one 20 minute session       - $30

Book two 20 minute sessions      - $50 (save $10)
*must be used within a 2 week period by the same person

Book five 20 minute sessions        - $100 (save $50)
*must be used within a 5 week period by the same person

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