Your Throat Chakra

LOCATED in the throat/neck region

RELATES TO communication and self-expression regardless of what others may think.

WHEN BALANCED we can comfortably and openly express our dreams and find it easy to communicate anything we might like to talk about

WHEN IMBALANCED this can be caused by gossiping, spreading hatred and criticism, holding back by not saying what needs to be said. Putting down another with sarcasm or angry words or not expressing our owns truths, ultimately only harms ourselves

WHEN BLOCKED we can feel like nobody cares about our opinions and often shy away from self - expression due to worrying about what others may think

BLOCKAGES COULD CAUSE mouth, throat, thyroid, neck and upper shoulder problems

ASSOCIATED WITH the thyroid. The role of the thyroid is to stimulate metabolism and along with the parathyroid glands ( beside or near thyroid), controls the body’s circulating calcium levels.

GOVERNS the bronchial, vocals, metabolism, lungs, growth, hearing

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Our energy centres can tell us so very much about our lives, internally (physically) and externally (life reality). Whether our chakras are blocked, imbalanced or spinning, they are always (in all ways) adding to the affects of our health, relationships, finances, creativity, jobs, sociability, love life, communication, intuition, higher perspective and so much more!

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