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Often we can feel drained and down right "over it" when it comes to some of the relationships that we can find ourselves in. Partners, children, parents, work colleagues, neighbours and friends ... these are relationships that surround us on a daily basis and lets face it, sometimes it's not all sugar and spice!

From the people at work that seem to always talk about you behind your back to the partner and family members that consistently need to be right, relationships play a huge part in our lives.

Sometimes we will find ourselves rolling our eyes as if to say "yep, here we go again" and then other times, we simply want to be left alone to have a break from the heavy energy that certain relationships can throw at us.

In only 4 weeks you will begin to understand why your relationships are the way that they are. You will know exactly how to mould the energy that you have around specific relationships in your life as you bring awareness to the role that you play and be able to consciously change it, along with the outcomes involved.


 Relationship Revitalisation Relief

This 4 week package includes

  • 4 weekly in-house connections with me
  • 3 Reiki touch natural healing intuitive guidance sessions from a Master level
  • 1 Reiki light infusion service (includes negative energetic release)
  • 4 Access Consciousness Bars sessions
  • Powerful thought awareness techniques
  • Awareness worksheet
  • Affirmation use
  • Personal gratitude journal
  • 5 'on-track' emails
  • 4 powerful real life relationship stories to help you shift your mindset, your consciousness, your energy and inevitably, the outcomes around the relationships in your life today!


You may think that shifting energy is a bit 'airy fairy' but I assure you, it's a very real thing that has been a contributing factor to successful change in the lives of hundreds of people that I have worked with.

We do not sit on a magic carpet to travel over parallel timelines or learn how to meditate under a Bodhi tree in a monk like state of being over several years, no. That would take a long time and what you're after is results in THIS lifetime, preferably within the next 4 to 6 weeks! That's where I come in!

When you work with me, you will come to understand how everything is energy based, thoughts included, and with a little bit of inner work, you can begin to use your focus on purpose which in turn, will bring about the change in your relationships that you may not even have thought possible!

When people go through their relationships in a habitual role on automatic pilot, quite often, this type of self work can seem like climbing Mt Everest - but guess what? There's not a whole lot of work involved! Just a whole lot of awareness!


You see, when you begin to make changes on the inside, that's when the outside will start to fall nicely into place. It's like creating a divine jigsaw and you're the one holding all of the pieces. Take charge of those pieces!

You will notice your relationships will begin to change as you do. Work colleagues, friends, lovers, family .... people will begin to respond to you instead of reacting. Some people will drift away from your experience as new people come in. Love life can have a whole new meaning and burdens and stresses can fall away from your mind and your body.

All you need to do is make the decision that you want to have harmony and balance in all of your relationships, and then take the step toward achieving them and with my help, you can be experiencing a lightness and ease in your relationships like never before!

Take a moment right now. Choose one of your relationships that you are currently experiencing.

Imagine yourself and this relationship in three months time.

Are you still exactly where you are now? Maybe things have declined even further? Or do you now have excitement, fun, communication, laughter, respect and love in your relationship? The choice is yours. Three months from now, you'll wish you'd started this today!


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